Yup, it is an exact replica of the Canon 24-105mm Lens! I first saw this earlier this year, around March, I think? I was instantly in love. I went nuts looking for this, but it was either sold out everywhere, or cost just as much as the actual lens. So… I put it in the back burner for a long while. Until a month ago when I found it at Photojojo.com for $24 vs the CanonMugs.com site that sells it for $39.99. This site (Photojojo.com) sells a multitude of fun and very useful photography accessories, including this adorable Miniature Camera USB key! (Hmm, next purchase?)


Now, onto the actual mug: It is not a special mug if you’re just looking at functionality. You pour your coffee/tea in it; it keeps it warm. The material is a light plastic and is lined with stainless steel on the inside. The auto-focus and stabilizer switches actually work, which is pretty cool. The zoom, however, does not. The rubber grip makes it very easy to hold, too! It comes with a lens cap, but it isn’t very useful. It isn’t secured onto the mug, so if you’re thinking of taking this in the car with you, your coffee will spill. It is a nice touch and will keep my coffee or tea warm while I study or blog on my laptop.


I know many photographers would love to have one of these, so I hope this helps! Or if your significant other, friend or sibling is a shutterbug, this might just be the perfect Holiday present! Be sure to order fast though, they sell out pretty quickly and frequently.

IMG_6967 IMG_6965

Will need to start using this for everything: iced water, tea, juice, milk, coffee, vodka? Haha.

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  • I really want to get my hands on one of these … 

    • Do it! They came out with different (more functional) styles. I love mine and also got one for a friend as a present, which he also loves!