Today marks the last day of January. And good riddance! It’s been a pretty tough month for me, personally and I am hopeful that things will start to look up again in February. This also marks the week where most people abandon their resolutions/goals to eat healthier and work out. So, I thought I’d compile a post of my favourite Nike ads that motivate me. I know, I know… how ridiculous is it that I am posting ads. Haha, but I genuinely enjoy watching most of Nike advertisements because they are inspiring (and funny – see the last one of the list!). Hope you guys enjoy!

This first one is the very first Nike ad to “wake me up” about 2 years ago when I started to get into getting healthy. It just hit me in the right spots and I could not say no after this.

What do YOU make yourself?

RAWR!!! *rips shirt*

My Best Enemy (oops, it’s in French! But even if you don’t understand, you still get the drift :))

Great video to wake up to!

Because of this ad, I added “I’ve Got Soul” to my running playlist & I’ve never looked back. Love it. (Oooh, also I posted 10 of my fave songs to run to here. I’ll be posting a new list once the weather starts to warm up!)

I was literally laughing out loud when I was watching this! HILARIOUS! Every runner needs to watch this one!

I tried to look for more motivational videos for working out, but there is just too much clutter all over Youtube =(

So if you you have a video or song that motivates you to get your butt in gear, I would LOVE to see/hear it, so let me know! And if you enjoyed these, share with your friends! Motivate someone today :)

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