What’s your favourite body part? A long time ago, I shared mine in this post. <– Check it out for more inspirational photos!

Spoiler alert: it’s the legs and the booty!  (This photo is from Tumblr. Whose beautiful legs are these!?)


I’ve always favoured strong legs as the indication of fitness – I am more impressed by somebody’s squat form than how defined the abs look. To me, it’s all about the legs – the quads, the harmstrongs, the calves (oh baby) and of course the glutes.


Did I mention I dig strong glutes? (You’re allowed to pause and stare at the gif here.)

Okay… back to my point. What does this have to do with motivating me?

Well, since the legs are my favourite body part, I am SUPER pumped during legs days. I look forward to it and I try to beat my own records every time. I always give 100%. Sounds perfect right? What’s the problem? Well.. it’s hard to have this same type of excitement for the other parts of my body that I hate to work out – like my triceps. I need to constantly remind myself that if I am not consistent with every single workout, I will not see the results that I want. And I set a pretty high bar for myself.


These pictures were taken during my little winter photoshoot with Kris (that’s the fiance) in January.

So, lately these pics have been my motivation to improve my legs! I have to say I was pretty surprised to see my legs looking more defined. I see some progress from how my legs looked before, which is pretty motivating! And I can definitely see areas that I know I should focus more on, even more motivating :) Double whammy!

My fave leg/booty workout? Squats! (I might do a separate post for this if there’s an interest. Comment and let me know.)

And here’s a quick booty workout from the Tone It Up girls! Their Youtube channel is great for when I need new ideas for exercises to do when I can’t hit the gym.

What about you? Do you pay attention to how your progress looks on certain body parts? What’s your favourite body part? Is this a weird post? Do you now think I’m a weirdo who likes bums too much? Does anybody read this far?

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  • LOL I read the whole article. And I liked it. I used to HATE my legs because I thought I had thunder thighs. But now, I embrace the thickness and love my legs. And I especially love when I see definition….makes me feel like all those squats are worth it. I am nowhere near the same fitness level but this post has definitely given me a little more motivation!

    P.S. Not a weird post…besides who doesn’t like a cute butt?!

    • Hahaha thank you for reading!!

      I LOOOOOVE thick, muscular legs. The “thigh gap” phenomenon kills me a little bit and I don’t get it, but to each’s own!

      Yay for squats + cute bums! :)

  • My muscular legs especially my calves lol! But wish I could say my abs!

    • I love fit legs and calves! Even more than I do abs, actually.

  • Amazing! You go girl!

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  • Michelle

    I think the one butt, leg pic belongs to Bella Falconi. I’ve seen the pic before and I think it was on her site. My dream bod!