I recently discovered my new Fitness Guy Crush (yeah, I have those!)

I came across this video and I honestly was not prepared to be this impressed! Since I’ve seen it, I find myself watching it every couple of days. This video has given me motivation because I am nowhere near fit enough to do even half of these! (I’m out here still trying to do a pull-up with perfect form.) But seeing this guy do this so easily with perfect form each time is incredible.

And as a bonus, here’s a video that is a little less intimidating. If you find yourself out of a gym, you can always do a circuit with these workouts at home. Try this: choose 5 of these workouts + choose a number from 20 – 50 (Let’s say I choose 30). This means I’m going to do 30 ‘quick snaps’ and then (with no rest), do 30 of the next exercise you choose. Repeat with different workouts 5x. And bam! There’s your HIIT workout! Now you’re sweaty and you just did cardio without a treadmill :)

And one more photo of him because I am feeling extra creepy today:


Please note that I jacked these photos from his Instagram because I am a creepy weirdo. You can also check him out on Facebook and of course Youtube.

Do you have a Fitness Guy/Girl Crush?! I shared mine, now it’s your turn :)

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