That’s right! Monday Motivations are back by popular demand. Last year, when I started these, I recieved a lot of really inspiring feedback. And to this day, I still get mentions and emails about them! I had no choice but to bring it back, both for you and me. This may sound weird, but I often read over my own Motivation posts to get myself moving when I’m feeling lazy!

This week’s MM was inspired by last week’s premiere of The Biggest Loser. Jillian Micheals, to one of the contestants who didn’t want to do the workout, “I’ll even write up an entire list of excuses for you.

I laughed out loud when I heard it because we’ve all been there. What excuse am I going to tell myself today for missing my workout? And the only way for me to stop my excuses was to argue myself out of them. This will take some practice, especially if you are just starting to work out.

So I sat down and listed my most used excuses for missing a work out – then wrote what I would tell someone else if they gave me this excuse. Once I wrote these down, I instantly felt stupid (honestly), but completely motivated. I will not let excuses get in the way of my success. I will not let my laziness get in the way of my achievements. I will suck it up and work out.

  • I have no time – Make time! Here’s one of my fave Motivation posts on time.
  • I am too full; I just ate – Wait an hour, sip water throughout and see how you feel then.
  • I am too hungry; I will be too weak to work out – Eat a small, healthy snack and hydrate! My fave pre-workout snack is half a banana or an apple with some almond butter.
  • The gym is closed – Then work out at home, or outdoors!
  • My iPod died – Plug your headphones into the gym’s music system, work out without music to focus on your breathing (I do this every couple of weeks).
  • I didn’t get enough sleep; I am too tired – You will feel energized once you start your work out. If you are still tired 5 minutes into your run, then you can go! (This has never happened. After the 5 minute mark on my run, the endorphin and adrenaline usually kick in.)
  • The gym will be too busy – Who cares! Find a small area where you can work out, use the machines you did. You will get through this work out whether there’s people around you or not.

Try it – sit down and write down the excuses you’ve told yourself lately on why you couldn’t possibly have worked out. Let’s see how your list compares to mine! You can try putting this list as your wallpaper or printing it out so you see it every day. Share with me if you do! :)

And here’s one of my favourite Nike commercials on Excuses.

I need your help! It’s a challenge to come up with these on a bi-weekly basis without repeating myself or without giving you a half-assed motivation post (how ironic would that be, huh?). So if you’d like to share what motivates you and be featured in the Monday Motivation series, give me a shout at holler (at)

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  • My iPod died is a staple of my excuse repertoire. I’ve always used “forgot my ear buds” as a related excuse if I’d planned to go to the gym from work.

    • I’ve totally been there – missed a workout or two because I didn’t have an ipod or headphones.

  • Patricia C

    I love the list of excuses — I used a lot of them! Getting back into the swing of things now.

    • It’s crazy when you list them down, eh? Excuses get me sometimes too. But as long as you snap yourself out of it, you’ll be okay!