A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Fall/Winter menu tasting for Milestones. I absolutely loved the Summer 2013 menu and I’m a big fan of the restaurant, so I knew I had to go!


Love the way the team set up the table for us

Please note that the sizes of these dishes will actually be BIGGER when you order them. We were given smaller portions because we literally had to eat 3 entrees. (Woe is me, I know lol)


Vietnamese Bun Cha ($11)

I am always weary of chain restaurants when they try to do Asian-inspired dishes, but this was surprisingly delicious! Everything tasted great together, but the star of the show was the sauce for me. It was salty, flavourful and really tied the dish together. It was also a wee bit messy to eat (the lettuce leaves could have been bigger to actually “wrap” it all together), so it’s a great hands-on meal to have.


Chorizo Mozzarella Fritters ($11)

These were heaven! I remember saying that I wanted a bowl of them so i could eat them like popcorn. They are cheesy and gooey on the inside, but super crispy on the outside. The chorizo sausage brings a nice, spicy flavour and the sauce (paprika aioli) is perfect with it. Highly recommended!


Halibut with Smoked Tomato Sugo ($25)

I never thought I’d see quinoa on a (chain) restaurant menu, but here it is! They also serve it with sauteed kale and mushrooms, so this dish felt super healthy, but somehow I still felt like I was indulging. I admit, I wasn’t a big fan of the sauteed kale and I wish there was more mushrooms on my plate, but the halibut was cooked beautifully! It was the best part of this dish (as it should be) and was perfect with the smokey tomato sauce and chilli cream.


Cider Glazed Pork Chop ($24) 

This was another surprising dish! I don’t usually order pork chops at restaurants because they tend to be overcooked and/or too dry, but this was extremely juicy. (It is brined in cider before they grill it!) The flavour – I wasn’t a big fan of, because it’s a bit sweet (brown sugar in there). But Kris (the fiance and my date) really loved the sweetness of the pork, so to each’s own. I really did love the texture of the pork, though! Recommended if you like that sweet/cider taste with your pork.


Galbi Style Ribeye Steak ($28)

I am drooling just looking at this photo. This was my favourite entree of the night! The steak was marinated beautifully (so flavourful) and cooked even more perfectly. The roasted potatoes served with it were a nice touch, but I think I’d prefer to have their delicious garlic mash potatoes with this one. Highly recommended!


Carrot Cake ($8)

We were really looking forward to this because who doesn’t love a good carrot cake?! I didn’t pay much attention to the citrus slaw at first, but I glanced over to my right and saw Kris going to town, I knew I had to try it. It was refreshing and a great start to dessert! The actual cake i found to be a little bit dry, but nothing the cream cheese icing couldn’t fix! I would have drank a cup of that icing, man. SO GOOD!

Have you been to Milestones lately to try any of these new dishes? If you did, let me know which one was your favourite in the comments! If not, which one made your mouth water just now? :)

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  • Char

    Dang, a menu tasting? Wish I could go to one of those here in San Diego! Everything looks amazing. That Galbi Style Ribeye Steak got me drooling like no other!



    • Right?! Definitely one of my fave blogger perks ;)
      I’m dying to have the full serving of that steak! lol
      PS. LOVE the new blog!!

  • preencess

    Yum! Everything looks so good. I haven’t been to Milestones in a while… will keep these in mind if I end up there!

  • Vivian

    mouth watering

  • Jenny Nicole

    Everything looks AH-MAZING! I rarely go to Milestones but I really need to !!! Yummers