Last week for date night, we went out for some sushi around Yorkville. We reviewed Masa Sushi, courtesy of Buytopia – they have an amazing deal that lets you have $20 worth of food for only $10 (<— this is my affiliate link. This means if you choose to buy this deal, a small percentage of $$ will be rewarded to me by Buytopia because I helped you find the deal, at no extra cost to you. ) – Anyway…. UHHHH-MAZING deal! You’re basically getting 50% off the menu and yes, they have All You Can Eat (AYCE)!


Kris and I are all about all you can eat sushi! We are veterans and have been to too many sushi restaurants to name. (We have a monthly sushi date when we pig out and this was ours for March.)


We decided to stroll around Yorkville and shop a little while we were there… too bad it was snowing like mad this day. We kept saying it felt like Christmas time!


Anyway, upon entering, we were greeted by their super friendly staff. Micheal, the owner, wasn’t there, but the staff was honestly so helpful. They’ve been under new management since early January and though it was our first time here, I can’t tell you enough how impressed I was with their service. Having worked in the service industry, I am super picky and I have incredibly high expectations. (We’ve been to many sushi restaurants where the staff could not give 2 sh*ts about you and you are treated poorly when you order lots of items… from an all you can eat menu. Ridiculous  right?) I was really glad they weren’t like that here.


We started off with some staple appies. I wasn’t a big fan of the dressing on the avocado salad (too creamy for me) but the miso soup was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Perfect!


Then we got started on the sushi right away. This platter was devoured very quickly.


Different angle of the same platter. Loved that they weren’t stingy with the salmon sashimi (thick slices FTW!) and everything tasted fresh and looked delicious.


Some items from the grill. The chicken katsu was delicious as usual (I haven’t eaten one I didn’t like yet). I’m not a fan of chicken terriyaki, so this didn’t do it for me. Kris, on the other hand, loves it so he liked this. We also ordered some tofu and shrimp tempura but didn’t take any pics because I ate them right away (can you tell how much I love tempura!!) lol sorry!


Then we pretty much kept ordering sashimi and rolls until we couldn’t breathe anymore. Here’s our last sushi platter.


And of course, there’s always room for dessert :)

Overall a great experience! Is it my favourite sushi restaurant? No. But it was still very good! Impressive service – our tea cups and water were always full and the servers were happy to serve us, nice ambiance (I think it would be great for large groups or parties!) and fresh sushi. Another surprising thing was that the dinner buffet was only $21.99 – compare that to many sushi restaurants in Mississauga that charge $28.99 or so. (Although this time around, our meals were compensated, I am way happier with that price!) They also have teppanyaki so we’ll have to try that next time.

Masa Sushi Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

And again, here is the link to the Buytopia deal —> $10 for $20 worth of sushi.

Have you been here before? Would you try it now that there’s new management and I’ve shown you these drool-worthy shots? :)

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  • your pictures look so good, maria! it’s almost munchin’ lunch hour, and i have sushi on the brain…i didn’t go for the ayce, but i might just do that next time.

    • I know, I am totally getting hungry just looking at these pics again! Love that you guys had a date night there too! Hehe