Have you ever had those days when you wake up looking forward to your workout, but somehow find yourself at your desk at 2 p.m. telling yourself that you can afford to skip today’s workout? Or how about opting to go out instead of going for that run? Or eyeing that double cheeseburger and wanting to throw away your healthy salad that you packed?

Sometimes the motivation fizzles away. And we get lazy. Don’t worry, this is normal.

But the key is to snap out of this way of thinking and get back into motivating yourself. Here are some things that may help you do this:


(My current wallpapers)

  • Set your cellphone wallpaper to a motivational photo. My hand is practically attached to my Blackberry. I found this to be the easiest way to snap myself out of it! One glance at this wallpaper and I’m good (usually). I use photos of my “dream bod” or even just a body part. When needed, I also change my desktop wallpaper to a motivational photo (though this might be a tad strange if you work in a super Corporate environment).


  • Follow motivational and fitness-centric people on your social media streams. I check my Twitter timeline quite often during the day and it really helps to see sporadic motivational quotes. One of my favourites is @Smashfit – her quotes are relatable and she tweets often enough that I catch a few of her tweets daily. There are also a ton of fitness tumblogs like MotiveWeight, for those who check their Tumblr timelines often.


  • Take a “before” photo of yourself keep it handy. I have a “before” photo of myself on my cellphone. At home, I have it saved on my desktop. Looking at it tells me that if I “fall off the wagon” and start skipping workouts, I will get back into my “before” shape. It’s a little harsher, but it works.


  • Have drinking water within an arm’s reach at all times. I always have my Kor bottle with me. Drinking water makes me feel pure, healthy and fills me up when I’m craving an unhealthy snack. It also reminds me that I should keep myself hydrated so I am ready for my workout. (Please excuse the super lame photo – I can’t believe I have no other pics with my bottle lol)


  • In extreme measures, call of message someone who will motivate you. For me, this is my Fiance. He motivates me to no end, especially when it comes to fitness. A quick message telling him I am feeling lazy and he knows just what to say to get me out of the mindset. For you, this may be your significant other, a friend that’s really into working out, or maybe even your personal trainer. (Sometimes, I tweet about it and my followers motivate me! Aww, yay). But be careful with this one because it can be extremely annoying if done often.

Do you have any tips you can share with me? Hope these help!

Reflective Question: Think about the last time you almost skipped a workout or ate an “dirty” meal. What made you stop?

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  • There is but one problem with me using a motivational photo on either my BB or iPhone. If someone sees a photo of a ripped guy … they’ll assume I am gay. Nope, wont do it … but I’ll keep it in my mind instead.

    • Marcin… who cares! Haha I certainly wouldn’t care what someone thought of me based on my wallpaper, but that’s just me. Good luck anyway!