I love reaching goals. Nothing feels quite like reaching the end of your run, finishing off that last rep, or tightening up that belt! And you know what I like with my goals? Rewards! You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car! (Wait– what?) Let’s get back on track here.

But… but isn’t losing weight and getting healthy a reward in itself, you ask? Absolutely! But to help motivate myself, I like to set up productive rewards that can help me move forward closer to my ultimate goal.

I don’t mean ‘reward yourself’ with fast food or taking a month off at the gym!

Let me share some of my productive rewards to give you a better idea. Here are some of my past rewards to myself:


  • Buy new running shoes (This was one of my first rewards!)
  • Buy the Nike+ sensor for my shoes & iPod (Also one of my first rewards)
  • Buy a new gym bag (Accomplished this about a month ago and got a much needed upgrade on my gym bag!)
  • Buy a new water bottle
  • Get a massage at my favourite spa (Hoping to get this one by my birthday!)
  • Get tattoo #4
  • Buy a new bathing suit

Having this personal incentive program gives me something to look forward to and helps me control my spending!

Reflective Question: Do you already use a reward system for yourself? What was the last ‘reward’ you earned?

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