Saw this on my Tumblr dashboard and thought I wanted to share it on my blog… Actually, it inspired me to start a new section called “Maria’s Monday Motivation“.

Last year, I shared with you my favourite motivational Nike Commercials and I kept finding myself looking back at this post when I needed that extra push (I noticed that others did the same, too!). So, under this new series I’ll be posting about things that motivate me and hopefully you, my lovely blog readers, will appreciate them as well. I thought of no better time to jump start this series than the first Monday of the year when everyone is likely to start their new workout regimes and lifestyle adjustments.

It’s a little over 3 minutes, but don’t let the length fool you – lots of inspiration in here!

Enjoy! :)

Let me know if you’d like to see more of Maria’s Monday Motivation (Ma Mo Mo?) by sharing, tweeting, commenting or liking this post, pretty please. :)

Reflective Question: What was the last thing that really motivated you?

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