A little while ago, I was invited to a little brunch with MAKEUPFOREVER at Sephora Eaton Centre, along with other fabulous bloggers and celebrity make-up artist Troy Jensen.


Some sugary treats to get us started



So, what’s Foundation Nation all about?

  • The goal is to educate and empower women when it comes to foundation knowledge
  • Our make-up experts will be available for consultations in store (to find the perfect shade, the perfect texture and colour)
  • We’re also going to address the common challenges women face with regards to foundation and offer a solution

Here’s Troy working on Nicole Sherzy! Perfection, right?! One look at his Instagram and you’ll realize just how amazing of an artist he is. Love his work! Clearly, he knows his stuff.

Troy was there so help bring buzz to the campaign and we were lucky enough to have a little lesson and workshop with him.

Here’s a little snippet of our time with him. He gave us SO many tips on foundation and basically making sure your skin looks its best all the time.


And here he is working his magic on Erica from Everything Beautiful


His little work station. SO much make-up to play with!

And of course we had to take a selfie together. It was a pleasure to meet and speak with him! I wish I could hire him to do my makeup one day… sigh. One can dream, right?

x foundation-nation-makeupforever

Anyway, the campaign is running right now – from September 19th to October 6th in all of the Sephora stores across Canada. Even though Troy won’t be making any more appearances, MAKEUPFOREVER actually has some amazing experts on-hand who will be there!


Beth, from Eaton Centre Sephora did my little makeover and she gave me a ton of tips along the way. Of course, I know that she really wanted me to buy MAKEUPFOREVER products, but she gave me lots of practical advice, too. The main one being… love my oily skin! I was complaining about how oily my skin was and how I always have trouble finding the right formulas (trying to make my face look matte, pretty much 24/7). And she said just to own it – don’t be afraid of a little glow and not go crazy with matte all the time.


Here’s a closer look at my face when she was done. No filter, no edits. She didn’t even use powder! Velvet Mat is pretty amazing for us oily skin girls (I did leave with a sample so I will be using it and get back to you after a few weeks.) But what do you think? Personally, I’ve never seen my face look so flawless! Beth also used one of the new make-up brushes and it felt amazing on my skin. (There is another post coming on that, so stay tuned.)

MAKEUPFOREVER Experts will be at the following stores to help with foundation and complexion lessons:

  • Sephora Sherway Gardens (Oct. 3rd & 4th)
  • Sephora Lime Ridge Mall (Oct. 4th)
  • Sephora Mayfair Mall (Oct. 4th & 5th)
  • Sephora Upper Canada Mall (Oct. 5th)
  • Sephora Square One (Oct. 5th & 6th)

 What are your main complexion/foundation concerns and have you found the perfect foundation to help you? Share in the comments!

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    I love foundation! It just makes everything look smooth and polished. :)