Last night, I attended an amazing launch party for the Magnum Pleasure Store Pop Up in Yorkville (11 Bloor St. W) – it’s right beside H&M. They are only here for the month of July, so I suggest going for a visit sooner rather than later.

Edit (July 27, 2013): The Magnum Pleasure Store has been extended until August 30th! AMAZING NEWS!

The international ice cream brand, which currently sells over one billion Magnum® ice cream bars every year worldwide, is now introducing The Magnum® Pleasure Store in Yorkville – the first one in North America! How did we get so lucky?



How it looks like inside. There’s a sitting area and some fancy photos of Magnum bars. Love that Toronto/Magnum piece!

I’ve been a big fan of Magnum since I first tasted a bar years ago when they came to Canada. Since starting a healthier lifestyle, I make sure that my “cheats” are always worth it (to me, that means over-the-top decadence) and Magnum definitely fits the bill.

The Launch

The event was very well organized. I walked in just a little past 7 pm into a well-dressed crowd with laughter and smiles. And why wouldn’t they all be so cheerful? It was an ice cream party! (Oh and Joe Manganiello was hanging out near the bar. More on that later.)


I took an Instagram video once I got there. That face was my real face when I found out Joe was like 2 feet away from me.

Anyway, they had Cirque du Soleil performers do a unique number custom-made for the store, which was breathtaking. I’ve been so several Cirque du Soleil shows, but I’ve never been that close to them. They were only a few feet away from us.

This was the beginning of the performance


The main bulk of the performance was around this very talented lady. Amazing control of her whole body. The singer was also incredible (not pictured, but you can see her in the Instagram Video above.) Wow!

Meeting Joe Manganiello

Joe is the spokesperson for Magnum, but you probably know him as the yummy werewolf on True Blood, Alcide Herveux. I’m a big fan of True Blood and he is one of my all-time celebrity crushes so obviously, I was ecstatic to meet him!

Here is Joe’s Magnum spot. We coincidentally saw this on teevee the other day and laughed because Kris (that’s the fiance) said that that would be me. I would trick him into doing all of that just so I can have some ice cream. Hehehe… would you believe that guy… ;)

When I got there, I quickly spotted one of my fave Toronto fashion bloggers, Nicole from So, the two of us approached him, introduced ourselves and got some photos on our phones. You can see mine here on my Instagram.

Being a perfectionist when it comes to photos, I knew I needed a better one immediately after I saw how it turned out. So after the Cirque du Soleil performance, Nicole and I approached him again. I went up to him and he was like, “What happened to the other pictures!” So charming. Of course he took more photos with us.


Unffff! Yeah, I got that close. Rubbed my face on his chest, I probably left a stain.

More photos of him because I’m a creep:


He was talking about his first bar that day (bacon/maple fudge/chili flakes). He was constantly eating them all night! 


My favourite photo of him I took. Hiiiiiiiiii!!!!! I seriously felt like he was talking to me the whole time.


Oh and because I have no shame, I asked him if I could pretend grab his bum for a photo (LOL) and he jokingly said no in a form of a werewolf joke (seriously, he did). I’m pretty sure I creeped him out, but hey… I had to do it just in case he would be down for that. [I told Kris this story when I got home and he couldn’t stop laughing. YOU WOULD, he said. Uhh… yeah I would!] So I just settled for these creepy shots. Not even sorry.

The Ice Cream 


21 toppings – a good mix of whacky (Nerds, pop rocks, chili flakes) and classy (rose petals, honeycomb, macarons)

So here’s how the process works:

  • You choose an ice cream bar – vanilla bean or chocolate
  • Choose from the 21 toppings (ranging from bacon, chili flakes, rose petals, goji berries, Nerds… honestly they had everything!)
  • Choose your chocolate coating – white, milk or dark.
  • And finally, choose your drizzle.
  • They do everything right in front of your eyes, so the anticipation is crazy. (Is this how being in a strip club feels like?)


The lovely ladies who helped me pick my toppings + made my Magnum for me


Putting on the finishing touches

My final product:



Vanilla bean ice cream bar / bacon, macadamia nuts, pistachio macaron / milk chocolate drizzle

Ohhhhh baby. This was more than I ever imagined. Honestly, it was a magical experience!

Oh and although we could have eaten 10 of these for free that night, the bars range from $6-$8 dollars regularly. I think it’s very much worth the money. I’m already planning a trip to come back with some friends because they need to try this!

EDIT (July 17, 2013) – I went back for round 2!! :)


Oh and while you’re there, ask for the “Golden Touch” and they’ll give you this “Real Gold Polish” as long as they have supplies! You can’t really see it that clearly, but I was wearing it on my nails for the launch :)

The Magnum® Pleasure Store
The Magnum® Pleasure store will be open 7 days a week, from June 27 – August 30 (new date)
Monday-Saturday: 12:00pm – 10:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 6:00pm
Follow them on Twitter – @Magnum_Canada and tweet #MyMagnum when you visit!

Disclosure: I was invited to this media event for editorial consideration. As always, that doesn’t change how I feel about any of it. I am just feeling really blessed to have been invited to such an awesome event!

Next time I want to try the rose petals and chili flakes with… bacon. What would you put on your Magnum? Or if you’re gone already, tell me which toppings are your fave. Or maybe you came into this post for Joe? :) Either way, leave me a comment and let me know! 

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  • You are HILARIOUS. Even asking for a pretend-butt-grab. Ahahahhaa I think you should’ve sneakily done it anyway!

    • If I ever see him again, I think he would remember me as the creepy little Asian girl obsessed with his bum LOL. I chatted with him for awhile when we were getting our ice creams and everything I was saying just kept sounding so creepy Hahhahahaa

  • Erika Andrews



    We’re still taking about ice cream, right?

  • Mmmmm bacon. I need to go back! Glad you had fun with Joe last night – so jealous!

    • Wish you were there! :( But yes, we’ll have to go for a visit before they leave! I wonder how the rose petals taste?

  • phoebe

    oh my gosh, that looks like pure heaven! i’ve seen those ice cream bars at the grocery store before & never really thought anything of it, but now, i must try one! so jelly that you have an actual store there!
    Follow on Bloglovin’

    • Thanks for dropping by, Pheobe!!
      It’s only a pop-up, so they’ll leave when July ends. Maybe they’ll open one up near you? It’s a great experience!

  • Can we go here tomorrow instead?- Marissa

  • Mir Cheung

    that back shot of him mmm…. i would have gone for him versus the ice cream haha.. i hope i get a chance to go though =)

    • They extended it until end of August!! More time to check it out now :) (And yes. Best eye candy ever.)

  • Victoria Ess

    Haha you’re seriously hilarious!! I’d totally want to ask him the same thing, but I wouldn’t have the courage! I’ve been here twice, and want to squeeze in one more visit before it leaves!

    • Hahaha story of my life. No shame. Not sure if you heard, but they extended it!! They’re here until end of August now, so I’m definitely going back lol

  • Stephanie D

    I’ve had a few of these now and they are worth the lineup outside!

    • I had to line up the second time and I AGREE! Also gives you time to think about the toppings you want :)

  • LC

    Pretty good looking man. Is it $6-8? the same size as a regular box?

    • Every time I’ve ordered, it’s come to $6! I’m not 100% sure how big the boxes are, but they look like the standard ice cream bar (and them some).

      • LC

        i bought the mini Magnum boxes. 3 in 1 box for $4.99! hahah pretty pricey. good idea for a shop. i wonder why nobody else opened one first…

  • Cheryl Fisher

    What fun you must have had. The food looked so delicious.