So, this post is basically me raving all about my new jacket.


{Jacket from Khujo / Shoes from Zara / Bag c/o THEIT Bags}

I bought it at Simons while we were in Quebec for the #CleanDieselTour.
First of all – thanks to Marissa from Chic Darling for introducing me to this amazing store. A definite fave and a must-visit spot if you’re ever in Montreal or Quebec City! Second – a huge update, finally, for our awesome time on the #CleanDieselTour will be coming this week – complete with a sh*tload of photos and videos. Trust me, it’s a good one.

Ok – back to the jacket – it was priced regularly at $375 CDN and worth every penny. It’s actually super cheap compared to the long Canada Goose parka that I was thinking of getting (around $700 I believe).

This jacket is special in one more way – it’s my first ‘big purchase’ in a really long time that I didn’t do any research for prior to buying!! I usually google or read blog reviews because I invest into more expensive items, but after trying this on in the store, I knew I had to have it. I know this seems silly, but this is a big deal for me! Think about it… how much research do you do before you decide to buy something? 


Some specs (From – the official site isn’t up and running yet, but they have a lot of info from their retailer sites)

    • It is a quilted, navy blue jacket (it looks black most of the time)
    • Faux fur trim on the removable hood
    • Removable faux fur on the stand-up collar (sooo warm!!!)
    • waisted fit, belt with large metal buckle (The buckle is pretty cool… quite heavy. The belt is extremely flattering and I can still breathe)
    • concealed zip, button placket visible
    • Side pockets with snaps (The pockets are positioned perfectly! Not too high and awkward)
    • inside pocket
    • Cuffs in ribbed (Keeps my wrists/hands warm!)


So what’s so good about it? To me, everything. I have been searching for years for the perfect winter jacket (I was previously using an old TNA parka… like from 7 years ago. Although I love that it was still together, the black had faded to grey and it no longer fit me. Also, everyone in the GTA has the same jacket… eeek!) IMG_7942

Since I bought this from out of town, I am pretty sure I won’t run into anyone who has it! Yay! But if you’d like to order it, please do! It is honestly the best winter jacket I’ve ever had. It’s functional and it looks amazing! Google “Khujo ULM” and a bunch of retailers and photos of it will pop up.

How it looks like on the side and the back. I feel like I need to buy more Khujo jackets… have you seen this brand anywhere in Toronto?


And here’s how I wear it more casually! (Thanks for making a cameo, Hovi baby!)

{Leggings from Forever 21 / Boots from Jeffrey Campbell}

What was your last big purchase that you didn’t “research” beforehand? I’d be interested to know!

Is this jacket your style? How would you style it from classy to casual?

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  • You’re legs look amazing in these pics! Love the jacket too! I’m still working on buying a new one ;)

    • Thanks Kelly! Black tights and black pointy shoes!!! ;)

  • Sophia

    You look so warm and cozy in that jacket…perfect given the weather we’ve been having in Toronto! Thanks for the review. I’m going to have to look into this brand!

    • Thanks for the comment, Sophia! It’s soo warm! I wore it today with just a sheer shirt underneath and I was totally warm. I need some new winter boots, though!

  • sarah monk

    Does the sizes come up small because im a UK size 16 and that is usually XL but khujo is confusing and says XL is a size 14 so im not sure what to order?

    • Hey Sarah! Since I bought it in person I was able to try it on, so I’m sorry I’m not much help. But I think it foes run true to size. I bought a large and I usually wear L. Good luck!

  • Sharon Edery

    How has your coat stood up over 3 years, I bought my Khujo last year wore it maybe 3-5 times the stitching is coming undone in 4 different places.
    I complained to the company a month after purchase but they couldn’t help me, I went back to Winners but they had no more. It’s basically wearing terribly and I’m super anal about how I take care of my clothes.
    I have a Triple 5 Soul jacket 10 years old worn every Winter and it’s in MINT condition.
    While Khujo made a stylish, very warm coat I’d never buy one again quality sucks.

    • Hi Sharon!
      Sorry for the tardy reply. Mine is holding up just fine, 3 years later! I am finding that the buttons are coming a little loose, but so far nothing too crazy has happened. Granted, I don’t wear it every day.

      I did buy another Khujo jacket after this one – it’s a little more lightweight. Sadly, the buttons and the zipper broke within 1 season. Seems like it’s a hit or miss. Sorry yours didn’t hold up.