Oh happy day! When I saw Kenzo Ramen opening up in my ‘hood (Central Mississauga), I was ecstatic. Kenzo is one of the “big four” ramen spots in Toronto and it’s about time one of them ventured over to the West side. (FYI the other three are: Sansotei, Santouka and Kinton)


I have to admit, I haven’t visited any of the Kenzo Ramen’s in Toronto, so I’m not sure how it compares. But this interior used to be a pita place, so it’s pretty small. We walked in on a Saturday afternoon and it was a little busy. We were greeted cheerfully by the wait staff and we got the last available table, so we were seated right away. The wait for the people who came after us wasn’t long – a couple waited about 5 minutes and eventually, more tables cleared up. It has a very high turnover – you order, eat and leave – not a place where you would sit around and chat after your meal.


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The menu was pretty easy to read – it’s divided much like the menu they have onlineHowever, I was disappointed to see several items were “not available”. This was only one side of the menu, but there were more unavailable items on the other side. The prices range from $6-$14.


Karashi Ramen (level 2 spice)
Spicy ramen with japanese Karashi hot sauce topped off with roasted pork slices. Seasonal topping: marinated bamboo shoot


This is what Kris (the fiance) ordered. It was his very first bowl of ramen! :) Obviously, I tasted it. It was spicy! You need a couple glasses of water to get through the bowl. We love spicy, so that was a good thing! If you don’t like spice, I’d stick to level 1. The broth was savoury and full of flavour, the noodles and other ingredients were fine, too. But the pork slices were quite dry. And they only give you two with this order and we didn’t think that was enough.


Tonkotsu Ramen
Hakata style pork bone soup ramen


This is what I ordered. (Just looking at this photo is enough to make me drool right now.) I was very happy with my order. The broth was delicious and it was clear that they put a lot of work into the broth. I really like that they gave me 3 slices of pork. But sadly, it was quite dry.

The Verdict

Overall, it was a decent meal, especially for the price. While was disappointing to see so many unavailable items on the menu, the customer service was great (they were attentive and friendly), so we will be coming back. I am hoping that the next time we go, the pork won’t be so dry! Although, honestly, even with the dry pork, our meals still tasted amazing.  The convenience this location gives us Mississauga-ers is long overdue and they will only get busier as time goes on. I would recommend it as a great quick stop for lunch or dinner.

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Have you visited Kenzo before? This location? Let me know in the comments how your experience compared to ours! Or share what you usually order to help first-timers! Thanks for reading!

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  • Victoria Ess

    I’ve visited the Toronto location, and I love it! To be honest, I’m not sure if I love it because they make great ramen or because I just love ramen… How did Kris like it?

    • Haha I agree! I love ramen, too. Come to think of it, I’ve never had “bad ramen” before… lol
      He really liked it! Which was surprising because he’s usually not a fan of soup.

  • Love to try out this ramen place next time I’m in Ontario!

    • There’s so many in and around Toronto – you have to try at least one! :)

  • The tonkotsu looks good!

  • Heidi C.

    I haven’t visited but had been thinking about it. Now, I will make an effort to give it a try!

  • Not my favourite. While the location is good (I’m currently living in Sauga), I have to admit I’ve had a lot better. I love Kinton and I’m a usual at Ippudo when in NYC, so I’m pretty picky.