A few weeks ago, I was set to go out and actually have fun on a weekend – sans work or even thinking about work – which is kind of a big deal for me. So I wanted to nails to look presentable because…

This is how they look like right now (sorry, sorry I know they are grossss):


I’ve been biting my nails ever since I could remember. It is my absolute worst habit. Sometimes I go though phases when I can control it and I fully stop (with the help of some products I’ve grown to love, which I will be sharing on B+AB in the near future if there’s an interest?). Anyway, it’s much harder to control when I’m a little stressed out so… yeah there we go. Easy to tell if I’m stressed out depending on how my nails look!

I’ve been seeing these ImPRESS Nails everywhere online lately so I thought I’d give it a try. I needed something to temporarily make my nails look girly.


They were about $10 at Wal-Mart, where I bought mine and they came in a bunch of different designs. I went with a cute floral print because I was hoping they would last me until the next day (at least). That way I could have had cute nails during brunch, too! Despite them advertising that it “lasts up to a week”, mine didn’t even last for more than an hour.


Note that I haven’t used anything like this on my nails since I was 14 years old, so I was excited to see that I didn’t need any glue and it seemed so easy to put on. But although you only have to “peel” and stick these on your clean nails, I couldn’t peel them off. I had to use my teeth (seriously). First offense right there.


After a long time of sizing, peeling and sticking them on my fingers – they looked good! And felt okay… not too uncomfortable. Although I thought it was weird that the long part of the nail was softer (It prevented the nail from chipping – it would just bend), but it felt weird – when I scratched myself, they would bend too.


All 10 stayed on for about an hour – one already came off when we were still in the hotel room getting ready – what the heck, right? The rest of them gradually fell off during the night while we were out dancing and I came back to the hotel room with only 1 pinky still there.

I was disappointed, but not surprised – there is a reason why I haven’t used temporary manicures in over a decade. No matter the gimmick (peel and stick), the quality is just not there. Better to grow your own, strong nails – if you’ve got tips, comment please! Would love to share secrets with fellow (former) nail biters!

B+AB Rating: 1/5 (They might be good for you if you only need them for one night where you don’t do much with your hands. They look great, but were a pain to put on and more importantly did not stay on my nails.)
Cost: $10
Repurchase? Absolutely not.
Where to buy? Wal-Mart

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  • Love the pattern! It’s too bad they didn’t last through the night… hate it when that happens! I actually have a set of these too that I got sent to me (it’s a plain orange/red colour though), but I’m afraid they won’t really work so never bothered to try.

    • Gah! It’s my fault for trying to cheat! I thought I suddenly found a temporary fix to nail-biter nails, but I guess there isn’t one. I’d say try them on and see how long they last you on a regular day (not going out or anything). Maybe they’ll stay on longer if you just take them for a spin at work?

    • Bella Lopez

      Try them! I thought I would NEVER use press on nails. Two months ago, they were sent to me for free with a clothing order. On Saturday, I got a last minute invitation and had the imPRESS nails in my drawer collecting dust. I thought hmmmm, I’ll give it a shot, no time to get my nails done. They work awesome!!!! Still have them on and its Monday. I’ve showered, cleaned, done dishes! These are amazing! I never would have thought!!!! I’m shocked, surprised, and now a fan!

  • tara

    I may be wrong, but it kind of looks like you have them on upside down. ? The tab thing that was sticking off is the cuticle end, and that part is softer & more flexible than the end that would be at the tip of your finger. I put my first set on two days ago and they’re still going strong. I’ve washed dishes twice, showered & did hair and makeup twice, etc.

    • Hey Tara! The softer/flexible end was definitely at the tip of my finger. Is that how you did it, too? Glad to hear yours stayed strong! Too bad it didn’t really work out for me though. Oh well.

      • Lisa

        I think that means you did it wrong! The flexible end at the cuticles.

  • Taylor Lorin

    Hi Marta! I have a couple of tips for you. I also have begun to use the impress press ons and I love them! I already have strong long nails, but press ons are fun to me. A tip for keeping them on and protecting your real nails is before applying the press ons, paint your nails with a top, base, or strengthing clear polish of your choice and then put on the press on while your nail is still wet. I usually use two coats. Press ons are not real so you can’t expect them to hold up to the things you do everyday with your hands, but the coats do help. Additionally, you probably couldn’t peel off the plastic of the press ons because of how short your nails are. Keeping them polished a neutral or pastel color usually helps with breaking the bad habit of biting. Also try taking biotin to help them grow.=)

    • Thanks for all your tips!! I’ll have to pick up some biotin this weekend!

  • Noeleen Ncube

    Hey Marta i bought these for a work do. Put them on and after an hour 3 had already come of. I ran to go get some cheap nail glue, peeled them all off (which was very easy lol) Used the nail glue on them and they lasted nearly 2 weeks. Next time try this and i assure you the nails will keep..xxx

    • Thanks for the tip! But the reason why these attracted me is because I didn’t have to use glue :( It kind of defeats the purpose for me, but glad it worked out for you!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Interesting I’m just testing these out now (literally put them on last night) but I cut them down b/c I don’t like having long nails. So far so good – i wonder if they will last longer b/c I’m wearing them short?

    • How are they doing, Elaine? I would think they’d last longer because they’re short, too!

      • TOBeautyReviews

        I woke up Saturday morning and one was missing LOL – I thought it looked stupid so I just took the rest of them off :P

  • I find this weird because the ones I have are hard, and don’t bend at all. I’ve also had them on for over a week and not one has fallen off. You must have not put them on right. If the are out on correctly they will last a long time and look really natural.

    • Maybe we tried different types? Either way, I won’t be repurchasing them but I’m glad it worked out for you!

  • Ilesha Cherry

    I bought these yesterday and put them on last night within an hour 2 had come off. I replaced the two. I woke up in the morning and 4 had fallen off. The other complaint that I have about these is that the glue goes the length of the nail and it is like a spirit gum glue so it stay sticky so lent, fur, etc…. get stuck to them. I will not be purchasing these again.

  • Rachel

    I’m surprised that they came off so fast! I put red ones on a couple of days ago and since then have played with dogs, sanded, moved around, and painted a dresser, scrubbed the nails to get said paint off, showered multiple times, done dishes, and even picked at them! And they are still going strong!

    • Ahhh I’m jealous! I think I’ll try them again since so many readers (yourself included) had a better experience than I did. Thanks so much for commenting :)

  • crystaljewel100

    Use brush on glue when you put them on or a drop of nail glue they will last for a few weeks! I’ve been using them for a while without glue there is no point

  • Georgia

    It Looks To Me Like You Put Them On Upside Down. Mine Have Been Going Strong For 24 Hours And Are Perfectly Hard And Don’t Bend When I Scratch. Also Make Sure You Use The Prep PaD And Don’t Get Them Wet For At -Least- 30 Minutes. I Waited Over An Hour Before I Washed My Hands To Let TheM Adhere. Also, I Got The French Manicure Set So Maybe Try Those Because It’s Easy To Make SuRe They Are On The Right Way. Mine Were $7.99 AT WalgreenS.

  • Heidy Leon Clark

    Use a pair of tweezers to very easily peel off glue cover, not teeth. May have gotten them wet. Follow directions exactly, including using the pad for wiping nails first. Use correct size for nail bed, use smaller better than too large. Press from middle first, then outsides. Don’t wet or file for an hour. I don’t recommend adding another glue as mixing glue will cause the degrading of both glues. I’m very active, including house wotk, dishes, bathing grand kids, etc. These nails are fabulous! They feel natural and strong. Mine stay on till I have to remove them due to nail growth! LOVE em!