There’s been a lot of buzz about the HTC One, many calling it the best phone they’ve had in years! So, I was thrilled that HTC offered to let me use it for about a month so that I can review it. (Whoo hoo blogger perks!) But… that means this is my personal review based on my lifestyle and needs in a phone. If you’re looking for a more general review, Tech Radar has one that’s more in depth. If you’d like to view the specifics/tech behind the phone, you can visit the HTC One site.

This is how it looked like when it arrived on the first day. Oh how I miss it so!


Device // The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the size of this thing. It was perfect! It fit in my hand perfectly (the word “solid” comes to mind) and I appreciate the matte aluminum finish with “no gaps”. It didn’t feel cheap and plastic. Within the first 10 minutes of holding it, it became clear that this was a well-made quality phone.

Battery Life // The battery life impressed the heck out of me! My Samsung Galaxy S2 needs to be charged about 2-3 times a day and I was pleasantly surprised that the HTC One could handle all of my usage with only charging it once a day. (For the first few days, I actually made it last a day and a half. And then I discovered more things to do with it, so I used it more)


Screen // The front was also impressive. Made with “Gorilla Glass” (I guess that’s the cool new glass for phones these days), the screen was huge (but not too big) – the width of the phone really is perfect for my hand. I also noticed how incredibly clear and sharp the picture is (even in sunlight, surprisingly!) For someone who takes a lot of photos/videos on her phone, I was really happy to see this.


Camera // HTC developed a new sensor that they’re calling the “Ultrapixel sensor” which basically means “enlarging the pixel size, allowing each pixel to capture more than 300% more light”. While I did notice that photos were extremely clear (see these blog posts where I only used the HTC One instead of my regular camera I use for blogging), I did still feel like it couldn’t capture as much as I wanted when I had low lighting. Of course this is probably me expecting too much, but I guess it’s because everything else on this phone blew me out of the water.

Related, I was super impressed with the video! It captures 1080p in HD and I like how  it captured and played back seamlessly.

Camera Features // Some other really cool features on the camera is the Zoe (see below as it’s my fave feature), the living gallery (seeing the Zoe captures/videos move when looking at the gallery is pretty cool), the ability to slow down videos, the photo editor (which has ‘sequence shot’, but the coolest one has to be ‘object removal’ to take care of random things in the background of your shot. I didn’t really get to use this as much because #letsbehonest, most of my photos taken were either selfies or of food lol).

Favourite Feature // Hands down, my favourite feature is the Zoe camera. It’s easier to explain if you just watch the video above. But basically, it makes sure you never miss a shot. (Do you know how much I LOVE JUMPING PICTURES?! Totally solves that problem!) It’s also useful to capturing moments with easily distracted cuties like my puppy (or if you have a baby, I guess.)


This is when Hovi was about 9 weeks old, so his attention span was basically nothing. We brought him to Celebration Square to watch The Hobbit and it was his first time being in that environment. He couldn’t stay still and was super curious about being outside with so much going on. I would have never been able to get this shot without using Zoe. (Okay, maybe I would have, but it would have taken me a really really long time.)


Sound // Another big win for me was the quality of the music coming out of this little machine. It has “dual frontal stereo speakers with built-in amplifiers”, which pretty much means that you’ll be blown away when you hear it play music. I was actually shocked that the quality was so good. My friends and I are always showing each other funny/cool Youtube videos or new songs, so it was nice that we didn’t have to press our ears on the phone to hear the music. (Remember that scene in I Love You, Man with the laptop?) (One of my friends commented that the sound quality would have been the reason he’d buy the phone. It is that impressive!)


Overall, I totally get the hype. The HTC One is an impressive machine! I had it for a little over a month and I feel like I would have only fallen in love with it the more I used it. Like many people, I didn’t want to read every single thing about it to learn how to use it, so I found these mini-videos by HTC to be very helpful in discovering the features. They are also engaged in social media, so if I ever had a quick question, they were there to answer them for me!

Do you own an HTC One? What do you like about it? If not, which feature interests you the most?

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  • Oh man this phone looks amazing! Gah! I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the battery life on it is TERRIBLE! This might be my next phone! Does it work well with all “google” stuff? (Sorry I have no clue about tech stuff!)

    • YES!!! It’s an android like the Samsung GS3 so the transition is really good! You can also transfer data from your old phone to this one pretty easily. They have a short video on it, too!!

  • Aleeza

    This phone! I want! I’m currently an iPhone 5-er, but mannn Androids are looking GOOD. I’ve been eying the Galaxy S4, but you’ve opened my eyes to the big wide world of Androids. Want, want, want.

  • dewinner

    This phone looks awesome! Our dogs look alike, I love my little angel too :) (Doris Calvert)