Whenever I post a photo of a tea latte that I made, I can guarantee someone will ask me if I have a milk frother. I don’t! Not that they’re expensive because they’re not. But because I can use something I already have to do the job. Here’s a photo-how-to on how I froth milk without the frother – instructions below.


  1. Pour desired milk in your cup (I leave some room at the top for the froth)
  2. The Blender Ball is the key to making this work! You can get it at any sports/nutrition store, but here it is on Amazon for reference. (I use the same one I use for the post-workout protein shakes.)
  3. Heat up your milk in the cup. I heated mine up for 2 minutes and when you take it out, there will be little bubbles on it. Make sure it’s hot enough.
  4. Pour the hot milk into your shaker bottle with the blender ball.
  5. Shake away! About 10-15 seconds should do.
  6. I was making a tea latte, so here I make sure my tea ball is in the cup, then pour about 80% of the milk in. Then let it steep while you shake the rest of the milk content again.
  7. Then you will have super frothy milk in your shaker, so you can go ahead and pour the rest in your cup.
  8. Ta-da! If you want it hotter (it might have cooled a little by now), you can always microwave it all and then shake and pour – this will actually produce frothier milk :)

Some suggestions:

  • You can add vanilla extract to the milk before you heat it up. You can also try this with sugar. but I haven’t yet.
  • I used 1% milk here. The higher fat your milk has, the more likely it will foam up. Non-fat milk will take a while to foam and I wouldn’t even try this with almond milk.
  • If you want a latte, you can add the espresso in the cup before you pour the hot milk in.
  • For a hot chocolate, you can put the chocolate in the cup before you pour the hot milk in as well (I do this all the time and the results are yummy :) )
  • You can also add your favourite liqueur to the frothy milk for a grown-up flavour kick! I like to add Baileys Caramel, Butterscotch, Godiva or Starbucks!
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  • Rebecca Mendoza

    Awesome! I just tried this with my blender bottle, and it worked like a charm! :D I used almond milk because that’s the only kind of milk I drink, and it still created a pretty frothy head of foam. Looking forward to trying your other mix-in ideas!!

    • Woooo! Awesome!! Totally doing this with almond milk in the morning :) Thanks!