This is how I looked like 10 years ago, just a few weeks before my 15th birthday. I remember this day because I just bought a new disposable film camera and I went home to get my Brother to take photos of me before heading out to the mall with my friends. Hahaha, he was 12 and so he did it without complaining… but after he took them, he told me it was weird and asked me if I was going to send them to a boy… LOLLL.

Ok, ok… serious pose!


Also, I don’t know how common it is for people to take solos pictures of themselves, but it was a regular thing in our family. Haha, I have boxes of photos of my parents and grandparents just posing in front of a tree or something. We’re really not kidding when we say that being posers & camwhores run in the family :).


This was probably my casual, I-sit-like-this-all-the-time photo :)


And of course a smiling/happy photo!

I opened up all my photo boxes and looked through my old photo albums to find these photos… it was tough trying to figure out when they were all  taken, but I decided to post these ones because I remembered this day :) I got very nostalgic and emotional yesterday, thinking about 15-year-old me and my antics. But I think I’ll do a more wordy/reflective post later tonight or tomorrow. Just wanted to share these gems with you guys! :)

And this is me more recently :) Do I look different?


Comment or tweet me! Do you have photos of yourself from 10 years ago that you want to share? :) If not, you can always Like or ReTweet this post as an e-birthday present, tee heee. :)


<3 M.

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  • Well you haven’t changed much last 10 years :)

    • Haha thank you! Ironic because everyone used to say I looked much older when I was in my teens… and now apparently I look younger for being in my twenties.