A few weeks ago, I was invited to a unique dining experience with Encore Catering and Sable and Rosenfeld. The night was divided into 3 parts: A limo ride to the Encore HQ, hands-on hors d’oeuvres training and a 3-course tasting menu featuring Sable and Rosenfeld’s gourmet products! The actual experience exceeded my expectations and so here I am sharing with you :) Enjoy the food porn!


Our ride! I was joined by other bloggers – I was so glad to meet them, because they were mostly food bloggers… and honestly, other people sometimes just don’t get how excited I get over food. And these folks did. Bonding over food = the best!


The limo was quite cozy! lol let’s just say we got really close to each other at this point :)


The 2 little appies we had during the ride + some champagne. {Proscuitto-wrapped shrimp + Sauteed mushrooms with brie in a sweet pastry cup.} I was a big fan of the latter – I’ll pretty much love anything with brie.


We were taken on a quick tour of their HQ and I was so excited to see that Roshan Wanasingha’s (that’s Encore’s Executive Chef, on the left) view of the kitchen from his office! I know many chefs from working in the industry and I totally get how awesome this is!

P4180827 We spent the night in the Encore kitchen – how cute is this set-up? We were literally in the middle of the action!


Some of the Sable and Rosenfeld products for us to try! Yes, “tipsy” means it’s soaked in booze! You can buy their products at: Loblaws, Dominion/A&P, Sobeys, Longo’s, Bruno’s, Safeway, Overwaitea, Thrifties, Capers, Pusateri’s Wholefoods Market, IGA!


The bar set-up!


Of course I had to get a martini and try these blue cheese olives! (I’m a big fan of stinky blue cheese. Mmmm!) And if you’re wondering, I take my martini with gin (preferably a double), a little dirty, shaken and with as many olives as possible.


The most beautiful (and delicious) spread of chips + dip I’ve ever seen using Sable and Rosenfeld products.


On to the next part… making hors d’oeuvres! Christine and I on the left with our masterpiece (below) and on the right was everyone else.


Doesn’t this look amazing? And it was so easy to put together! The other cooks at Encore were very friendly and helped us out :) It’s roasted pears (!!), asparagus and sliced beef tenderloin. Delicious!


One of the other items everyone was working on was this Deconstructed Sushi Bowl – and it was delicious! I could have a big bowl of this and wouldn’t complain!


Back to our seats for the third part of the night… our 3-course meal! Here is the first: Poultry 3 Ways. Details below.


{S&R Jerk Chicken on homemade corn bread muffin with mango salsa}

This was amazing! The jerk chicken had the perfect spice and the mango salsa did a fantastic job to cool it down. The corn bread muffin was savoury, but it was only okay.


{S&R teriyaki chicken taco on zuccini ring with red daikon and cilantro sprout}

Great flavours and texture on this one. I really loved how the taco was so crisp and overall, it just tasted very fresh.


{Open-faced turkey burger on brioche bun – baked in-house, I might add! – with S&R cranberry sauce}

I was a big fan of the brioche – perfect! The burger was juicy and the flavours were great.


Our main dish – {S&R Lemon Olive Tapenade Crusted Halibut and Shrimp-crusted Salmon with rice pilaf and veggies}

Very refreshing! Great flavours, but I found myself wishing there was more citrus in it. Both fish were cooked perfectly and I love that the salmon is crusted in shrimp. Seafood lover’s dream!


Those with shellfish allergies, like Christine (she let me take a pic of her dish), got to enjoy  this delicious steak.


At this point, I was super full already but I always have room for dessert. And how could you not when it looks like this?!


{Chai-spiced Honey Cake Poached Pear with Raspberry Sorbet}

This was my favourite out of the trio – I can’t explain to you how perfect the sorbet was with the cake and the pear. Truly delicious! (I’ve dreamed about this dish since then lol)


{Layers of Oatmeal Dacquiose Blackberry Ice Cooler}

This was different – but the good kind! I’ve never had anything like it and I really liked the fact that it wasn’t too sweet. It was creamy, but not too creamy and blackberry is always a favourite!


{Bittersweet Marjolaine with Hazelnut Parfait}

Hazelnuts are my favourite, so this one was amazing to me! Like a Ferrero Rocher all fancy’d up :)

Aside from the delicious food, I truly enjoyed getting to learn about the company – I love to work with, and hire, companies that share the same values as I do and Encore definitely does. Cary Silber, who runs Encore with his son, David Silber, and Executive Chef Roshan Wanasingha were all a pleasure to meet and truly, they are people who love and value the art of food, their employees and clients.

Oh, and they have this awesome blog where they feature lots of food tips with great photos!

Yes, it’s hard to fully review a catering company, but I really appreciated the “behind the scenes” vibe of the event. How many catering companies/restaurants would be comfortable with that? Honestly? I think it says a lot about how confident they are with – not only the finished products (the food), but the process. What really surprised me is how calm and quiet Chef Roshan and the cooks were throughout the night. (Having worked in the restaurant industry before, I was accustomed to everyone in the kitchen always yelling at each other and in a panick!) It was great to see such a professional kitchen.

Encore aims to make you “feel like a guest at your own function” and I have a feeling they’re really good at it!

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  • EncoreCatering

    Thanks for that great review of the night Maria. It was a pleasure having you at our event!

  • Your food photos always make me salivate. Haha! Glad you had a good time, Maria!

  • Hey there Maria,
    What a great post! Thanks for sharing. I remember getting to know the other participants “intimately” on our ride to Encore’s HQ. I’m starting to crave the food from that evening… it was fantastic.
    Ps. You rock at wrapping pear and asparagus in meat. ;)

    • Thanks Christine!! Hahaha I’m a pro with a lot of things related to meat.
      ;) ;) ;) lol