I get so many compliments on my phone case, so I thought I’d share on the blog where I got it and what I think about it.


I got it from eBay!


Obviously mine is mint, but the seller has a better picture for all the features. This case is perfect for me because I tend to only take my cellphone + essential cards like my debit + ID when I go out. This way it’s my wallet, too. (Because my real wallet is too bulky.)

I’ve it it for about 3 months and it’s still good as new! The only one bad thing about this phone is that since there are so many grooves in the texture, it’s a bit harder to clean. (I just take a disinfectant wipe and go to town.)


It comes in a bunch of different colours, too!

My phone is a Galaxy S2, but the case is available for other phones, too. Just browse through the seller’s store and you’ll find other cases and other little gadgets for your phone.

The only thing is that since she’s in South Korea, the item takes a longer time to get to you (mine took about 2 weeks).

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  • Love the mint one. Its beautiful.

    • Thanks Marissa! Definitely my fave from the bunch!

  • travelluna

    thank you for the review I just got a samsung phone and I would like to protect it just thrilled with the link