I have a confession. I spend way too much money on taxis around the city. I usually have multiple meetings around the city on some days and it’s just easier to take cabs instead of the TTC. Of course, they cost more money, but that’s okay with me because I’m saving time. But what really turns me off is how some drivers don’t take credit cards (or give you the stink eye when you do) and then it takes forever for the machine to put your payment through. Not to mention that sometimes it’s hard to get one depending on the neighbourhood you’re in and the time of day.


Enter Hailo. 

It’s “the bat signal for taxi’s” – you can “hail” the cab through the app and pay with your account, which is attached to your credit card.

Hailo Toronto launched last year and I’ve only gotten the chance to try it recently. It took me awhile because I was set in my taxi-hailing ways. I mean… it’s kind of iconic, no? Hailing cabs in a busy city? I just wasn’t prepared for technology to take that away from me (Ha-ha I know how ironic this sounds.)


Anyway, I *finally* actually used it and what a difference! I was really surprised at how simple it was to use. I set up my account within minutes – you just need your name, email address and a credit card number. You also have the option to pre-set the tip amount (you can change it in-ride, too). And that’s it!

When you need a cab, just open the app and the GPS on your phone will tell it where you are, and where the cabs around you are in real time. So you can choose the cab closest to you (or if I’m in a restaurant, I would choose one a little further away so that I’m ready and outside by the time it gets to me). Once you choose it, Hailo tells you who your cab driver is, provide you with his or her number (in case you need to call them), the taxi number and the ETA (estimated time of arrival). And then you can watch your cab on the screen get closer to you – love it!

Once you’re at your destination and the meter stops, the final charge will display on the app and you recieve an email receipt. The meaning of convenience for me! No fumbling with credit cards, cash or receipts!

Hailo Toronto was kind enough to offer B+AB readers with some Hailo credits! We’re giving away two $10 credits each. This giveaway is super simple, so I hope you enter! And since we’re choosing 2 winners, you’ve got a better chance of winning! (At the very least, you need to tweet this post. Just use the Rafflecopter widget so I don’t lose your entry, ok?)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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  • taxi driver in NYC telling me about his life. Life stories are always fun :)

    • Agreed! Life stories with cabbies are so interesting when on vacation. When I’m in Toronto, I usually have to get somewhere so chatting isn’t usually an option! lol

  • Ali Gee

    Thanks for a great contest! I absolutely love Hailo and use it for getting around downtown. I’ve tweeted my love for Hailo in the past: https://twitter.com/gailCAF/status/350589536352485378

    • Ahh, awesome! Looks like you can definitely use the credits then! :) Good luck.

    • Thanks for the Hailo love! This makes me really happy to hear. I’m humbled.

  • annevious

    At the end of the night after a long weekend everyone was scurrying to get a cab, i used the hailo app and one came almost instantly among the sea of people they found and picked us up!

    • Sounds like magic! lol I can only imagine how useful Hailo can be late at night!

  • This is awesome! Cheers for this giveaway, Maria!

  • I don’t take cabs too often but I seriously thought I was going to die once…the cabbie was so aggressive weaving in and out of traffic and just barely missing a pedestrian ack!

    • I hate when that happens! Dangerous cabbies scare me, especially when I’m in a strange city.

  • Megan Barnecutt

    When my car broke down the morning of an exam, I had to take a cab to school so I wouldn’t miss it. I was so nervous & trying to review the material in my head as we drove, and as luck would have it, my cab driver was a social studies teacher in his native country. He quizzed me the whole way there, and I am sure glad he did. My head was full, my nerves had calmed and I aced the exam. Sometimes everything just works out perfectly!

    • OMG that is amazing! Love this story – total serendipity! It’s like right out of a movie.

  • SandyT

    Amazing contest!! Thanks Maria! :)

  • LC

    i rarely take taxis :P

  • Cheryl

    I remember almost getting into an car accident in a cab once. That’s why I ALWAYS buckle up!