This week, we indulged in some Glory Hole Doughnuts! If you’ve been here before, then you’re familiar with the gigantic sizes of the doughnuts. If not… you should grab a tissue because you’ll be drooling very shortly.


We bought ’em to eat with my family, so I didn’t get to try every single flavour. But I definitely noted everyone’s reactions when they did. We also had a travel time of at least an hour until we got to the my Mom’s, so they weren’t very fresh when we got there. But if you pop them in the microwave for about 20 seconds (per half a donut), they’ll be perfectly warm!

Here are the flavours that we picked up.


Cinnamon Sugar tastes exactly as you’d imagine. Bread & butter is one of my favourite because it’s simple! We renamed the margarita “summer” because it tastes like when you’re on a patio and you’re sipping on a margarita in the middle of summer.


I didn’t try the chocolate hickory but consensus was that the hickory was too overpowering. The nanaimo bar was a hit and so was the viva puff! Such funky flavours!


I didn’t try the pina colada, but I imagine you’d love it if you like coconut. Crumble pie was my Mom’s favourite and was the only one with a filling (although I wish it had more filling). Peanut honey cheerio looks good, but I didn’t get to try it and the orange creamsicle was very tasty!

Overall, the doughnuts definitely look amazing and they are HUGE. Here’s a toonie beside one of them for scale.

However, consensus around the house was that there was too much dough – there should have been more flavour inside the doughnuts (like a filling). But for me, since I love the dough more than the toppings on doughnuts, I loved it. And the dough is everything I’ve dreamed about. You can tell that the ingredients are fresh. Another downside is that they’re quite pricey at $3.50 – $4.00 each (a dozen is $38).

Best doughnuts in Toronto? Ehhh I don’t have sufficient information to answer that one. But they are definitely tasty – not your regular doughnut. If you like the “dough” in doughnut (like me), you will love them. But if you like the filling or glaze more, stick with Krispy Kreme.

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Bring a friend when you drop by because they’re perfect for sharing (and that way you can have more than one flavour.)

Have you tried these? Which is your favourite flavour? Or if you haven’t tried them yet, which one has your name written all over it? Do you like the dough (like me) or are you more of a filling/topping donut eater?

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  • Brenda Penton

    Wow! I know where I’m going when I go to Toronto! The pina colada has my name written all over it.

    • I wish I tried it, but I was too full! Definitely on my list to try next time! Thanks for commenting, Brenda! :)

  • Paige Mangialardi

    Yummmmmmy! That cinnamon sugar one looks so good! And Viva Puffs – throwback!

  • Hi Maria! You know what I’ve had breakfast already, but reading this post of yours makes me want to go grab something to eat again. Ha!

  • The bread and butter is one of my favourites too – simple but delish!

    • I honestly would be in such a good mood if I had it for breakfast every day LOL

  • OOOH cinnamon sugar donut mmmm nom nom