How important is music to you when you’re working out?

Music has the power to get you through your last few kilometres or reps and to pump you up when you don’t feel like working out. Honestly, there are days when I get to the gym and I’m not looking forward to my workout. But once I put on headphones, it’s like the world disappears and it’s just me, the music and my workout.  Raaaawwwhhh!

Well, Monster’s come out with a new pair of headphones called Ncredible NTunes (they teamed up with Nick Cannon to design ’em and I can’t even hate because they look pretty nice). Think of it as the headphones a tier lower than the iconic Beats by Dre. Because they have the same Monster technology, they keep the music distortion free, no matter how loud you blast it.


Throughout the month of May, WIRELESSWAVE is giving away a pair of Monster NCredible NTunes headphones with every activation of a new phone with Rogers and they’ve graciously offered to give away a pair to readers! We paired it with a gift card from Sport Check so you can get some new gear to rock with you at the gym (or outdoors!)

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To enter, tell me what you like to listen to while you work out! (I’ll go first: I love hearing what other people listen to because I’m always on the look out for new tunes. I listen to a lot of hip-hop and rap – Eminem is my #1 fave because his stuff just gets me so angry lol)

Winner will be chosen at random. Canadian residents only. Good luck, friends!

This is a sponsored post. But it’s the best kind because it’s a giveaway! :)

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  • J_numbers

    Something on the loud side with a good pace to keep me in check. Also to keep me awake.

    • Keep you awake?! Damn how tired are you when you work out?? lol

      • J_numbers

        Running or similar, not too tired. But when I try to do stretches or even some floor exercises, I can feel my head nod off and my pace slowing down. Happens when I don’t get proper sleep the night before. Lol, it just proves to me good rest is an important part of fitness as the exercises themselves. Otherwise you won’t have the energy to tackle everything properly. :)

        • Very true! Stretching after a hard workout is the worst because I just want to lay there and take a nap sometimes! lol good luck!

  • when i lift i listen to the radio.

    • Cool! I can’t get the radio on my old ipod, so I can’t do that. What type of stations do you listen to?

  • I love to listen to movie soundtracks. There’s a lot of really good action sequences that are paced properly for a good run.

    • I agree! I love listening to the Tron soundtrack – I feel like I’m in the movie!

  • When I run I like to listen to a variety of music that have a great beat. My taste varies from Katy Perry to Metallica to the Black Eyed Peas to Van Halen. And I never fast forward of the theme of Rocky when I run. I just don’t! LOL!

    • Oooh yes! Love that you listen to so many different types! LOL @ Rocky! We’ve all done it, I’m sure! :)

  • I listen to drum and bass and find that its fast (~175bpm) tempo and heavy hitting bass really pumps me up for just about anything. I could list off A LOT of tracks but I’ll just leave a few favourites…

    Drumsound & Bassline Smith – One In A Million (ft. Fleur)

    DJ Fresh – The Feeling (ft. RaVaughn)

    DJ Fresh – Gold Dust
    (Amazing music video)

    (Basically, anything by DJ Fresh, lol)

    Original Sin – Suffer No Fools
    (Something a little grimier / angry)

    • WHOA!! Thanks for such an awesome list! I am totally listening to these for my workout on Monday!! :)

  • Jennee Rasavong

    Lately I”ve been listening to JT’s newest and I”ve just started crushing on the Gatsby soundtrack. Basically anything that I can dance to to help me get through that last bit on treadmill!

    • Yes!! I am in LOVE with JT’s new album. I have to really listen to the Gatsby soundtrack! And I feel you, I’m always dancing or singing to myself in between reps lol

      • Jennee Rasavong

        I’m a head bopper and toe tapper between sets lol. The Gatsby soundtrack is good cause its exposing me to different artists. LOVE Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful”. You have to check it out!

  • kam77

    Music with a good beat to pump you up!

  • Janelle Samuel

    I dig a lot of what I consider to be ‘badass’ tunes, you know those songs that make you feel invincible and suchness?
    I like a good mix, keeps me guessing what’s coming next; Muse, Joy Division, The Cure, Iggy Azalea, Biggie Smalls, MIA, Grimes, Imagine Dragons, Nicki Minaj…

    Oh, there’s some Avicii, Some Skirllex, gotta have Deadmau5, M83, FLO RIDAAAAA, Lykke Li, NIN… well at least that’s what’s on my running playlist. I like to keep it hoppin’!

  • I like to listen to various artist like maroon5, bruno mars, esthero, foster the people, jackson5,jessie j.. i love music

  • Louie Cabigao

    I like to listen to anything that gets me pumped/angry.. Usually some hiphop/rap/rock and even dubstep!

  • latleger

    I listen to lots of different types of music, especially if it makes me want to dance. :)

  • suzquiz

    anything with a good beat, also like strong inspirational songs

  • I love listening to a lot of pop music but I think the best are mixes of a lot songs, so you’re not truly listening to entire songs, but the good parts of a lot! It really keeps the energy up instead of having the intro/outro.

  • i like listening to dance! it keeps it upbeat

  • Glogirl3

    I like listening to inspirational/Christian music.

  • Cathy Canton

    love to run to any music with a fast beat Love REM or The Clash Green Day all good for me

  • Cathy Canton
  • TW

    Anything with a dance beat or dancy hop-hop tunes that I can sing along to.

  • My workout mix has Assemblage 23, Baroness, and Death from Above

  • ann w

    Black eyed peas, michael jackson, katy perry

  • I listen to the Pet Shop Boys

  • Patricia C

    I like anything with a fast beat to keep me motivated!

  • Patricia C
  • John Paolo Lainez

    I always start off with Step Into A World by KRS-One then depending on the type of workout, i’ll play anything from Hip Hop to House haha

  • angela mitchell

    I listen to a mix of mostly The Killers, La Roux, and Ellie Goulding, and Robyn.

  • Stephanie D

    the boxer rebellion, alt-j

  • Francis J

    I listen to mostly hip-hop, anything with a good beat that pumps me up

  • Heidi C.

    I like to listen to music with a pumping beat!

  • ContenionIngresssion

    Any of the three releases by the Blood Bros – – 2+ hours of awesomeness

  • Paige Mangialardi

    Girl you know I love that hip hop! Kendrick Lamar, Iggy Azalea (Trap Gold & Glory EP are my faves), Method Man ( Blackout!), Azealia Banks, and of course, Yeeeezus.

    • I listen to approximately 20% of what Paige listens to, but I’m like her new music pusher. I need to give her her next fix soon….

      • Paige Mangialardi

        YUP. My Dropbox is so COLD.

        • Carlos P.

          Flying Lotus

      • I would love to have a new music pusher!! lol

        • Paige Mangialardi

          He’s a hella pusher! Watch out though – he’ll try to send you some R&B and shit. No bueno for the gym!

          • Listen yo, slow-jams BE the business. Don’t front.

          • Hahahaha I have to admit, I can totally run to slowjams. I’ve been guilty of running 5k’s while listening to Boyz II Men. Don’t judge me! lol

          • We all know you’re just running…


          • I legit just burst out laughing! LOL

          • If you can’t be funny, what’s the point — AMIRITE???

        • SHHHHH. Let’s keep it on the DL. I don’t need the Internet Police coming after me. You know how to find me :P

    • YES to all of them!! I’m pretty obsessed with Iggy Azalea right now. Workin’ on my shiiiiii

  • I like to listen to dance music or hip hop

  • Popular music, usually the top 40s etc.

  • rexfader

    Can’t do it without my In Search of Sunrise sets :-)

  • Andrea

    Lol run or lift. Ya I don’t do those unless lifting my coffee counts :)
    I listen to alternative rock/rock. Currently my playlist consists of groups like Puddle of Mudd, Hinder, Three Days Grace and Greenday.

  • Great contest!!! I love A Tribe Called Quest, LL Col J, Drake, Donell Jones, Tyrese, Joe, Rick Ross and The Weeknd (see a pattern here?? LOL)

  • Belinda McNabb

    I love the classic rock songs

  • jonnieh

    I listen to Rihanna, The Tragically Hip and Nickelback while I work out.

  • ginette4

    I love listening to rock, but the classic rock like Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Suptertramp..

  • I’m a Hall & Oates fan!

  • maria b

    I like anything by Pitbull!

  • Carlos P.

    Definitely Flying Lotus! I hope I win!

  • Danielle

    I like listening to “Sexy Bitch” when I work out. It has a good beat and makes me feel powerful

  • Chi

    Something with a beat. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor is always on the list.

  • apham17

    I normally listen to 90’s Hip HopRap or dubstep

  • niftytastic

    I have a gym jams account with a lot of upbeat dancey songs, I especially like some Like a G6. It totally pumps me up!

  • Valerie Theberge

    I like David Ghetta song… electronica, rock, pop, techno…

  • Sophia

    I like to listen to anything with a good beat or any Top 40 songs with a fast tempo. (Soph Y)

  • Diana

    I love running to Metric!

  • Victoria Ess

    I used to love running to trance or electronic music, but now I always run to news/current events podcasts like The Agenda .

  • Tammy Dalley

    Flo Rida!!!

  • Rebby Roberts

    My fave current song is Waiting All Night by Rudimental…it gets me pumped!

  • I listen to Jim Lim Project!

  • Suezin

    I love listening to a majority of house music when I work out. Just as the beat starts to slow down it picks back up and gets me moving a little faster/harder. Right now I have to say my main podcast I like to listen to is PandaWaves by The White Panda … and occasionally throw on some Avicii :)

    • Can’t go wrong with Avicii! Admittedly I’m not a big fan of house music, but damn does it get you moving!

  • OPI Addict

    I really love listening to anything really upbeat, hip hop, techno, etc! :)

  • DJ F

    I listen to Drum & Bass. Currently listening to podcasts on BBC Radio 1. Annie Nightingale, Benji B, B Traits.
    You should take a listen to Disclosure. You’ll probably like their music

  • lori b

    I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, even the radio is good for me

  • Conor Blake

    Dance. Especially mashups because they don’t get repetitive for long stretches.

  • I like listening to some more upbeat music like dance or dubstep.

  • Ben Do

    It depends on my mood. Honestly, sometimes I put on a Justin Bieber album and it gets me through my workout.

  • Lindsay Moon

    I love to listen to some good intense music! Something to get me going. Like “Survive” or “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies. Really anything that doesn’t make me skip through my iPod a hundred times just to find a good song that won’t annoy me. The Birthday Massacre is always good. Same with 30 Seconds To Mars, RED and maybe even some Breaking Benjamin!

  • Steph Coupns

    I love to listen to three days grace or breaking benjamin

  • I like to listen to Icona pop, david guetta, The Xx,etc

  • Karla

    I love listening to classic rock,dance ,anything with a good tune

  • Arjun Rudra

    Afrojack, Avicii and David Guetta

  • Carmen Yung

    I hardly listen to music when I workout but when I do, it’s normally whatever’s upbeat that I already have on my phone. Which means la roux, mashups and dubstep lol

  • I am an audiobook person – so I’m listening to my latest download.

  • Moongazing

    I like to listen to Great Big Sea!

  • Bree

    I listen to anything that has a good beat! And anything that makes me feel good – Sexy and I know it makes me feel awesome to run to!

  • Susan Terendy

    I listen to pop like Rihanna, Shakira and Beyonce!

  • Shemp DeYoung

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis lately. Good music – better lyrics

  • Lori Lewis

    Anything upbeat! Shakira, Rihanna, P!nk to name a few. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Brenda Penton

    I like listening to the the current top 40

  • ilikestripes

    I listen to kpop; lots of fun!

  • Maryluz Velasco

    I love listening to what I refer to as “angry” music. Keeps me going to hit everything harder!

  • ek03yr

    I enjoy working out to the gangsta rap!

  • Natalie

    My favourite song to listen to while I’m running is Cherry Pie.

  • Myf

    I love listening to dance music! Anything with a beat that keeps me in the zone!

  • Holly

    Guns N Roses is a favorite of mine while I go for runs.

  • LC

    house music!

  • Krystle De Sousa

    Mix of angry hip-hop/rap and my high school punk phase. Rick Ross – Push It To the Limit, DMX – X Gon’ Give it to ‘ya, etc, any Linkin Park or Billy Talent…yes I need to update my playlist :$

  • David Chiu

    I like to listen to mostly pop music when working out – keeps me going

  • lindahp

    You’ll think I’m lame but I like to listen to Dave Ramsey and Jillian Michaels podcasts.