First one of the Gift Guide Series is here! Of course I had to give love to my fellow photogs first :)


  • Camera-shaped USB drive (8G) $17.99 – Not much to be said about this one – every photog needs USB drives (I’ve got too many to count) and this one is super cute! And with a great price to boot!
  • THEIT Bossi Bag $159.99 – The most stylish way to bring your DSLR around! I recently discovered this brand and I love the design. I can’t wait till I get my hands on one of these babies.
  • Camera Lens Mug $15.00 – 2 years ago, I bought this camera lens mug from Photojojo and I have been a huge fan of theirs ever since! Truth be told, anything from this site can probably go under any photographer’s wishlist =P
  • The Glif Tripod Mount and Stand $20.00 – Perfect for iPhonographers. It can hold an iPhone and attach to a tripod and it can also be used as a stand handsfree use or taking timed photos! Now, they just need to make one for Android phones so I can get one.
  • Barton Leather Strap $89.00 USD – This is one of those things that I always told myself I would buy, but somehow I never get around to it! These leather straps have gotten great reviews in the photog forums. It’s a great way to personalize a camera and you would be rid of the annoying strap that comes as a default.
  • Photoshop Fridge Magnets $25.00 – This instantly made me laugh my arse off when I saw it. Pretty freakin’ awesome.

There’s more gift guides coming so stay tuned! Let me know if you have a request in the comments!

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored in any way. These are honestly on my wish list! Hehe

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  • I’ve been wanting something like the THEIT bag for a while!! Finally a camera bag that isn’t bulky and doesn’t look like a lunch bag :)

    • Right?? And so cute! If no one buys it for me, I’m buying it for myself :)

  • Lisa

    Want something just as good but WAY cheaper? Check out Jo Totes!

    • Ooh just checked em out. Cute bags! Thanks for the reco. Do you own a Jo Totes? How’s the quality?

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