The GoT Exhibit came back to Toronto this year and of course I had to get tickets! Kris (that’s the fiancé) and I are huge fans of the show. We also went last yearyou can check out the post here.


That’s pretty much the perfect picture of Jon Snow… lol always with the “feel sorry for me” face.


Some really awesome props! Recognize any of them?


The Lanister gang. Tyrion rightfully in front and centre.

One of my favourites… the Stark shield!


The dragon eggs – the third one was given to GRRM (author of the Game of Thrones) as a wedding gift. So freakin’ cool.


Sketch for Dany’s clothes + the hound’s helmet (I would shit my pants if I saw somebody wearing this)


What a cute little dragon!


Some fan art. People are so talented! Wouldn’t the middle right make a wicked tattoo?


We got to play an archery game! Fun fun fun!


You know I had to ;)


Some more outfits! I’m sure you know which is which, right?


And a few more props… Love that they had the letter Theon wrote to Robb (that he later burned).

P3120854 If there was one thing I didn’t like this year, it’s definitely the way they took the photos. They took them from an iPhone and they were in such a rush that our actual photos were very blurry. They were sent to us via email because the printer wasn’t working. So this is a quick shot that Kris got of me (thank R’hllor!)


And here’s a better look at my sweater, which I got about a billion compliments on that day! So very appropriate, right?

Overall a super fun time and now I’m even MORE pumped for the season premiere! It’s on March 31, 2013 :)

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  • The pairing of the wolf sweater with the “wolf’s tooth” necklace is a good look, yo. By the time I get to writing about my GoT experience, it’s probably going to be a Month of March wrap-up post :P

    • Hehe thank you! Whenever you post, I’m looking forward to it! There were so many cool things, I honestly couldn’t keep calm to take photos properly!

  • I managed to catch the exhibit as well. I was really impressed with how well all the props are made

    • Me too! I like that they had something interactive for people to do!

  • Victoria Ess

    My partner is obsessed with this show (me not so much) and I would have loved to have taken him! Is it an annual event?

    • Yup! They do it to promote the new season and for the past 2 years it’s made a stop in Toronto. I usually post about it here since the venue changes, so hopefully your partner and you can catch it next year! It’s fun even for people who aren’t fans of the show! (And it’s free!)