Just before it got ridiculously cold in Toronto, I shared on the blog about my new partnership with Folgers and the #FolgersMorningTour! Basically, the truck and their insanely nice experiential team were all around the city giving away free cups of coffee to promote the new K-Cup, the Mocha Swirl.



My friend & style blogger, Anum and have been busy catching the tour when we could – we were at Yonge/Dundas Square in November and got to talk to people about their morning routines right before we all headed to work! (Yeah, there were lots of jokes about “the best part of waking up” lol) It got pretty busy! We also ran a giveaway – if you shared your morning routines with us and it was pretty awesome seeing how similar all of our mornings are! (Congrats Paige M. on winning the prize pack!)


And we were there again at Roncesvalles Village in one frigid Saturday morning in December (we do a good job of not looking like we’re frozen, right?) and instead of small talk about morning routines, the topic of conversation was how freakin’ cold it was! It didn’t get as busy as it did at Yonge/Dundas, but unsurprisingly, people got way friendlier once they realized we were giving away free cups of coffee :)


The actual flavour is actually really impressive! I love the chocolate-y flavour, but also that it’s subtle enough and is not too sweet (still tastes like coffee).  I like mine with a splash of almond milk in the morning. So good!


If you’ve got a Keurig, I highly suggest trying it out! If you’re not a chocolate fan, they have other yummy flavours like Caramel Drizzle that I really enjoyed, too!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these flavours out and what you think! Are you one to accept promotional free coffees when you’re walking down the street? Or are you too cool for that? ;)

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