Last week, I told you all about my new partnership with Folgers to promote the new K-Cups (Mocha Swirl, to be exact). They sent me an amazing not-so-little gift pack so I could try out the coffee myself and now…

We want you to have one!!!

Keep reading for details on how you can win this prize pack, with $150 value!


The super cute mini Keurig in red! It’s been a lifesaver and we’ve been using it every morning since we got it. Also takes up a really small spot in the kitchen, which I love.


I had to take a pic of the Mocha Swirl! So yummy with a little hint of chocolate! My other favourites are Vanilla Biscotti and Caramel Drizzle (or… Drool-izle? Hehe I made that joke in the other post and got crickets… whomp whomp.)


And here’s my coffee! I feel like I could actually smell the coffee just looking at this picture (clearly I have a problem).


I also mentioned last week that Folgers is doing a Morning Tour all over Toronto!


Anum and I were there last week at Younge/Dundas Square! It smelled amazing in the area.

And my super cool friend Johann popped in to say hello! We’ve been friends for years on social and love that we finally got to meet in person and nerd out about Android phones and such. (I freakin’ love meeting my Internet friends so much, you have no idea! Made my day!)

What’s really cool about this tour is that you actually get to use a Keurig to get your free coffee! It’s super fast and oh so tasty!

We’ll be at another Morning Tour on Dec 7  at Roncesvalles & Wright Ave! If you’re in the area, I hope to see you there! Until then, all of the dates and locations can be found HERE!

Anyway, here’s what’s included in the prize pack:

  • A sleek and stylish Keurig® coffee machine (you will LOVE it!)
  • A selection of Folgers® Gourmet Selections K-Cup packs including the brand new Mocha Swirl
  • Two premium, beautifully crafted Folgers® coffee mugs
  • An elegant sugar and creamer set
  • A vintage-inspired alarm clock that will awaken your bright side and prepare you to embrace the day ahead!

 To enter, you’ll need to tell me all about your morning routine in the comments! For extra entries, you can share this post on social media. Please use the Rafflecopter widget so that your entry gets counted!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is for Canadian residents only

I’ll go first! When I wake up, the first thing I do is check my phone for any work-related urgent emails/phone calls. (This is the truth lol) Then I make my coffee. The smell alone wakes me up! While it’s brewing, I’m drinking lots of water to hydrate myself. I also make breakfast at this point (I usually have oatmeal with fruit/nuts/granola/etc). Then I eat my breakfast, drink my coffee and hang out with my puppy Hovi. Then I shower and get ready for work!

Your turn! See ya in the comments :) Good luck!

This is a sponsored BEAUTYANDABITE post!

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  • Lori Jackson

    2 cups of coffe and my facebook feed and Im happy!

  • jemrah

    Let the dogs out, feed the dogs, get my daughter up, feed my daughter, THEN have a cup of coffee!

    • Haha it’s kind of like a reward, then?? :)

      • jemrah


  • saskmom

    I get the kids ready for school and then have my java in peace.

    • That sounds good! Love having coffee when it’s nice and quiet!

  • Twitter feed open, hot water on, toast in the toaster, CP24 on – let my morning begin!

    • Nice! I like CP24 in the background while I get ready, too! But sometimes I get caught up in what’s happening and it slows down my getting ready.. lol

  • Susan T.

    First coffee, then Twitter and Facebook!

  • margaretimecs

    First thing -> have my Coffee

  • Shannon

    First thing is I check my phone! THEN I get my coffee.

  • ann w

    I put the coffee on and let the dogs out then check my emails.


    My morning routine consists of waking.. letting the dogs out.. getting my son up and into the shower , making a coffee and getting dressed ..

  • Shelley N

    my morning routine is get up shower, coffee, prepare lunches, eat breakfast and read the paper before the kids get up

  • Julie

    I get up and run down to put the kettle, have my shower then make myself a cup of coffee!

  • Tanya B

    getting out of bed, showering, heading out and picking up coffee on my way to work.

  • Emma Bartlett

    after getting out of bed, I make a cup of tea and sit and feed the baby her bottle and then get breakfast for my son, usual slow mornings not too rushed

  • Holly O’Gorman

    I work from home, pretty relaxed mornings around here, especially since I don’t start until 9am. Ahhhh :)

    • Ahhh! I used to work from home, too! So I totally get what you mean! :)

  • Catharine Morgan

    Coffee first, head to the gym, shower and get on with my day

  • Ella D Caceres

    my morning routine is I stretch, turn on my keurig believe it or not I use folgers in my keurig its more affordable. turn it on and by the time I get out of the shower my coffee is ready..i love it!! I would love this red keurig though. I love the colour!

  • Manon Lemieux

    Would be a great gift! :)

  • Cassandra Eastman

    I get up, brush my teeth and wash my face, start my coffee, go get the kids out of bed, make them breakfast and sit at the table with them and drink my coffee while they eat!

  • dewinner

    Coffee first, then shower, hair and make up, then get dressed and have breakfast and more coffee! Doris Calvert on rafflecopter

  • Karin Dollery

    I wake up push the button on the coffee maker, feed the cats and brush my teeth. Then I turn on the local news channel and enjoy my coffee. Then I get organized and dressed to head to work.

  • JessieC

    Get breakfast ready, wake everyone up and have my coffee

  • JenniferH

    get up, get dressed/groomed, breakie and COFFEE. oh yes. COFFEE is essential!

  • simba C

    I have too have my coffee in the morning helps with the stress of the day

  • Jayme Irving

    I stumble to my coffee pot and

  • Cheryl Fisher

    First thing in the morning, prepare the coffee machine for ten cups of coffee..Then I let the dogs outside to do their thing. Feed the cats. Get myself ready.

  • gizfarris

    I get up, get dressed, apply my makeup, get a cup of coffee, and go on the computer.

  • jonnieh

    I get up, wake my boys and get them fed and off to school, then I sit down with my coffee and relax for a bit before starting the housework

  • Christy Martin

    Get up at least 2 hours or more before I have to be anywhere. Coffee first, email etc., eventually shower, make up, more coffee, let hair air dry for 45 minutes, blow dry the rest. Get dressed and leave.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    First, a cup of coffee. Maybe 2 cups. Then morning smoothies, Hubz’ lunch, shower.

  • Karry Knisley

    Shower, get dressed, cup of coffee while I read the morning news, then off to work

  • Zvi Vaxman

    shower and a good cup of coffee

  • angela mitchell

    Get up, get daughter breakfast, make her lunch, change baby’s diaper, get baby’s breakfast, dress babe, THEN I get my coffee and breakfast followed by shower.

  • SandyT

    Shower, hair/makeup, outfit, coffee, check the weather and news headlines and then off to start my day!!

  • Elena

    I have a cup of coffee first, then take shower and dress up

  • Sharon Garrett

    Get up and get my grandson ready for school. Start coffee pot, have a cup of coffee, then cook breakfast. Get dressed, put on makeup, and get ready for the day.

  • michele lower

    drink tea cheek facebook shower out the door but always have music on!

  • Elizabeth V

    I am slow to wake up. I basically stumble to the kitchen and make a pot of coffee. I will enjoy my two cups to kick start my day.

  • staceydempsey

    I get mu coffee ready and try to have a few moments to relax before I start hearing my teenagers alarms all go off, again and again and again lol I dont know how many snoozes they use but eventually even with that I have to go roust them all out of bed

    • Hahaha I think we were all like that when we were younger! My younger sister is exactly like this. Alarm going off for like 2 hours until my Mom has to wake her up.

  • kam77

    Always need a cup of tea…Vanilla Earl Grey usually to start off the day!

  • Christina Ferguson

    First thing I do is stumble to my coffee pot and turn it on. Then I pour myself a glass of juice and head outside for a cig. By the time I come back inside the coffee is ready. I pour a cup and head directly to my laptop. :)

  • raehiggins

    I put on the coffee and get washed up & dressed. Coffe is usually ready by that point. I sit at the computer and sip!

  • Christina Brown

    First thing I do is make breakfast for my toddler and then prep lunch for my mother (who always eats lunch with us). We share our first cup of coffee together then :)

  • Amirah

    Get ready, have a coffee, get the kids up and ready for the day.

  • Karine

    I shower, after I prepare the coffee, I get ready to leave and then I get my lunch and pour my coffee in a travel mug and goo :)

  • Jeannie

    I always make sure the coffee is ready to go then I make breakfast for the family. Once the kids are fed, I dress them, dress me and grab my coffee to go.

  • flowerchild23

    I get cleaned up , get the kids ready and off to school, come home do house work, then sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee

  • Maggie Cheung

    shower, coffee set on timer, makeup, clothes on…grab my coffee and lunch and I am off to beat the Toronto traffic!

  • J_numbers

    Like the tortise, the morning involves going very slow and steady. And hitting the corner of something with a toe.

  • travelluna

    wake up slowly to the radio then stretch before getting out of bed, than coffee in the dark with the gas fireplace on and the radio and slowly get some cereal banana then shower. Then speed up

  • Steph

    I get ready by having a giant mug of coffee

  • Francine F.

    check my e-mail with my 1st cup of coffee, while waiting for the newspaper to arrive. Read, drink, then shower!

  • Tammy D

    Get up hit the alarm a few times, coffee, fed the kids their breaky, get them off to school and get ready to face housework

  • Jennifer Lucas

    I get up and put the coffee on, then I drink 2 cups and I am ready to start the day.

  • Arjun Rudra

    Brush, shower, coffee and two eggs.

  • Suezin

    Use an automatic coffee timer … it makes me get up since I don’t want to leave it there and getting burnt. Gets my butt up with my alarm clock.

  • karla

    I get up,get breakfest,shower,then clean up.

  • benitoz

    Wake up an hour earlier than kids, start with a fresh cup of coffee & start packing lunch there.

  • Wendy Hutton

    shower, brush,. coffee then off to check emails

  • Kelly Krol

    Wake up and make a tea

  • Heidi C.

    A whirlwind rush of getting up, getting kids ready, getting myself ready and all out the door!

  • Belinda McNabb

    I get up make a cup of coffee, sit down to check my emails, enter some contests, hop in the shower to get ready for work, makeup, hair, more contests. I then make breakfasts and lunches. I have done a half a day of stuff by the time I leave to go to work in the morning!

  • Tanis Sergeew

    Breakfast, e-mail and feed the cats!

  • Judy Cowan

    Get up, shower/brush teeth, clean litter box, feeds pets, and then sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while checking my email.

  • Melinda Jana

    struggle to roll out of bed, brush, quick look FB, dress, breakfast w/ coffee and bolt out the door

  • patti townsend

    jump up quickly and shut off the alarm and then walk around pantless until the coffee sets in ;)

  • Jasen_H

    Roll out of bed, turn on coffee maker, jump in shower, prepare cup of coffee, Officially begin the day!

  • annet

    Open my eyes, get out of bed, make coffee, quick shower and immediately back to the coffee!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  • Shelly Kristianson

    shower, hot tea while doing hair and make up

  • Bons

    I make hot coffee/tea and have a good breakfast before leaving home.

  • Paige Mangialardi

    My morning routine? 5am up for cardio; shower so I’m not a gnarly garbage troll and then eat some egg whites and oats. And then…I DRINK THE BIGGEST COFFEE IMAGINABLE before heading out to work. Having one of these babies will save my dignity from falling asleep on the train (and me from Instant coffee, because I’m “lazy.”)

  • Sharon Garrett

    I liked your review on the 4 new Lay’s Canada flavours,

  • ctgomez

    My mornings are cha-o-tic! I work from home and I’ve got two little ones. Routine: COFFEE, breakfast for kids, get kids ready (one for school) and then get myself ready. It’s a hustle and bustle morning every weekday and coffee is an absolute must. If I’m lucky on mornings before I head out, I can actually have time to apply some make-up! -_- (Carol G)

  • Katrina Brady

    My morning is slow moving. Grab my housecoat and headdownstairs to the readily made coffee my husband has made. Sit down, relax, go through my emails. When I’m done, I can now head back upstairs and get ready for whatever the day may bring

  • Andrew Pham

    Brush my teeth, shower, breakfast and checking my emails

  • Shawn M

    I start my morning off with breakfast and coffee…I usually drink the coffee on my way in to work

  • Victoria Ess

    I put on the coffee, shower, and then have my breakfast while reading the news.

  • ginette4

    Morning routine, get up, wake up my daughter, make her lunch and get her off to school, then I have my morning caffeine

  • Ella D Caceres

    always start my day with my folgers k cup. I do have it set up with my timer.

  • Em Kay

    I wake up and check my emails and text messages. Then, I wash my face and brush my teeth. (I shower before bed so that I don’t have to wake up earlier than I already do in the morning.) I get dressed and grab my lunch. I commute to work by TTC. I get to work by 7:15am. Then I brew 6 cups of Medium blend Folgers coffee at work for myself and my colleagues (I’m the coffee lady at work. Lol). Then, my colleagues and I eat breakfast, drink coffee, and catch up. I’m usually a grump in the morning without coffee and brekky. Lol. So that’s how I start my day off. =)

  • SueSueper

    I get up, go into kitchen, prepare the ancient cone filtered coffee maker and wait and wait.. While I am waiting I pull out the stuff to make the kids lunches. Make the lunches, and then make coffee, then sit down and enjoy!! Need the coffee after already doing that! :-)

  • lisa bolduc

    get out of bed, get dressed and head to work, to make a coffee and site at my desk

  • Kathryn Pylyp

    Get up, breakie coffee n a shower is my am routine

  • Vivian

    wake up cofffee , then get ready

  • Debbie S.

    Get up, make my coffee, wash up, get dress, sip and savour my coffee, then I really wake up!

  • mongupp

    When I go to work I get up, get ready, have some cereal and off I go. On my days off I do the same except I have time for a leisurely cup of coffee.

  • billiondollarprincesss

    I usually drink coffee and check my email then slowly get ready.

  • Keri

    I stumble out of bed, make my way to the kitchen, but on a pot of folgers… and wait, try not to fall asleep, the smell soon wakes me… then I stumble back in the the kitchen and pour myself a large cup, black, just how I like it… I sip on it until it is just the right temp, then I start to gulp it down! I about 3/4 the way through my cup, my eyes actually start to open… I then boot up the computer, and while that is happening I grab my second cup… This I can enjoy, why I read the news…. Then my day can begin

  • Jammie

    My morning routine is coffee, email, then I start my day entering giveaways.

  • Alizée Bilbey

    I make a cup of coffee in the morning, and drink it slowly while reading/watching the news, until I feel awake enough to start studying!

  • karenmed409

    I like to get up a little earlier for a few minutes of quiet time, with a nice cup of coffee, before I wake the kids for school. Getting them dressed, fed, then out the door to wait for the school bus.

  • steph c

    My morning routine is to get up with enough time to sit down and eat a decent breakfast before heading off to class… especially when I have enough time to make an omelet rather than just a bowl of cereal! :)

  • teeslee

    Get up, shower, get dressed and head to work. I’ll either have breakfast on the way or at work.

  • Pam Fontaine

    I wake up and drink several cups of coffee… and then I can face the world!

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    I like to wake up before everyone else so I can relax before the busy ness of the morning.

  • Terri Baker

    I wake up, make coffee, prepare the lunches and then get in the shower. I wake everyone else up after i am done.

  • Pip444

    I love a large hot French Vanilla at the crack of dawn sitting in front of my computer

  • Wakeup, make coffee, drink more coffee then go about my day!

  • Rebby Roberts

    Cup of coffee, banana, and emails!! Oh and feed the cats :)

  • Holly

    Wake up, feed cats, make coffee, shower, get dressed and started on my day!

  • Jenny

    I wake up, wash face (etc), brew coffee and spend the rest of my morning putting on my makeup! lol I grab my coffee after I put on my foundation and concealer, so I can sip on it while I do the rest of my makeup!

  • Lee-Ann

    I drink copious amounts of coffee and have way too many animals not to get my butt moving!

  • Natalie

    I shower, get dressed and have breakfast with tea. It’s a pretty easy routine.

  • Brenda Penton

    I wake up, have my breakfast and coffee, wash my face, brush my hair, get dressed, and then get the kids ready for school.

  • Shirley Martin-tutolo

    coffee 1st, then shower and dress

  • Patrick Siu

    I shower, brew my cup of coffee, tidy up the house then i sit back and enjoy my coffee

  • Nina Bergeron

    shower, breakfast

  • brush, shower, get dressed, coffee and cereal!

  • missbobloblaw

    I hit the start button on the coffee pot and wake up the kids. Make them brekky while they get dressed and then get them off to school.

  • Tamara

    Coffee, first thing I do when I open my eyes

  • Dianne

    I get up and shower and get dressed then head downstairs to make coffee before I do anything that needs any type of concentration. It wakes me up and makes me more alert.

  • Amy

    morning are generally get ready asap. grab whatever clothes i can, put on minimal make up and run! i get coffee when i get to work :)

  • Janice Lynds

    get up, grab a coffee , wash my face, brush my hair, get dressed ,leave for work – all before 630 am

  • Becca Ferguson

    I get up, take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, and eat breakfast!

  • Betty Spry

    I get up really early, not sure what wakes me up, I then go downstairs, turn on the computer and while its warming up, I make my coffee. I then read my emails. After the second cup, I shower and get ready for work.

  • WandaJean

    I make my coffee and then enter contests

  • Angela Massis

    I eat my breakfast standing at the counter, multitasking and getting the kids all ready for school. Once they are all out the door, I sit down with my large mug of coffee and sit at my laptop.

  • dianeoz

    Make a coffee and grab a breakfast bar, to lazy to make something else.

  • retrophiliac

    i love a nice glass of hot chocolate or tea <3 helps me wake up

  • kimkorte

    coffee is the first thing I look for when my eyes open. I have my first cup while checking facebook, my second cup goes to the shower with me, then time to get dressed do my hair and face what the rest of the day may bring.

  • Donna Allen

    Can’t start my day without my coffee, then look forward to my afternoon coffee too!

  • Kelly Gordon

    Coffee Coffee and a bowl of cereal :D

  • Donna Snugglebuns Dufresne

    coffee and my fruits and yogurt than more coffee

  • Tara

    get up have a shower have coffee eat breakfast get dressed go to work

  • Patty Rogers George

    shower, blowdry, coffee on the go

  • Kaley Davies Couper

    Make the kiddoes and hubby lunch get them off to school, coffee, eat, shower and work and clean thx so much for the chance such an amazing prize :)

  • diane king

    get up, washroom and then breakfast most of the time

  • Paige Sharp

    I get up get my son dressed than myself and walk him to daycare

  • Anna Key

    I get up, make coffee, hop in the shower, then eat and drink my coffee when I get out of the shower

  • patti townsend

    I get up, feed the cats and the children.. Make lunches while I drink a big cold glass of water, then take kids to school, and THEN enjoy my morning coffee in peace!

  • Reagan

    This is much needed as my wife and I have a 7 month old who keeps us up all night :)

  • Michelle B

    I wake up shower, have a coffee and then prepare my kids breakfast and school lunches.

  • brenda

    I would love to win that Keurig machine its so cute and I love the color

  • Lisa Knox Neutel

    I get,up and get kids off to school, then I enjoy a couple cups,of coffee and enter contests

  • charlene

    I open my eyes once my crazy loud alarm goes off. I usually shut it off, close my eyes again and wait for the second alarm to go off lol. Once that happens I know it’s time to get up. I then go do what I need to do in the bathroom, wash my face etc. I go to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee for my sister and a hot chocolate for me. Then we both go about our days :)

  • Janelle Hope

    after my toddler wakes me up super early, I brush my teeth and wash my face and that is it until after breakfast and nap time

  • Christine H

    First coffee then I wake the kidlets up for school & try to spend a few minutes with my husband before the leaves for the day.

  • Coffee, gets kids ready, coffee, get myself ready, coffee, get kids to school!

  • Sarah Miller

    first up, make lunches, coffee, make sure everyone is up and at ’em and out the door! Then my coffee time, my Facebook and a usually one more coffee then my day starts lol

  • amana1997

    Wake up, shower, let the dog out, make coffee and enjoy 10 minutes of silence before the kids get up. Then it’s go, go, go!!!

  • dmhaen

    I start out my day by making a morning coffee and checking my email. Breakfast and getting my self together happen after my gentle wake-up!

  • Emily C

    turn on my computer. make breakfast and cup of coffee. eat, drink and browse the net. run around like crazy to get ready because i’m running late.

  • Travelbuds

    First thing I do in the morning is have my shower and get myself ready and then it’s the kids. Getting their lunches made, getting them up and moving, feeding them breakfast and once they are on their way, then it’s my dog. Taking him out for his morning walk. When all that is done I make my coffee (sometimes tea) and head out the door for work.

  • cushiebunny

    OK, this is embarrassing, but the first thing I do is start my cell phone and play my five lives on candy crush. Then I go awaken my six year old and go nuts getting her ready for school.

  • Sunshine g

    I get up half an hour before everyone else and have a cup of tea to start the day on a sane note :)

  • xiaoberry

    First thing I do when I wake up is snooze my alarm…for another hour before actually getting out of bed.

  • Donna Makayak

    i would love it as i have a problem getting up in the morning i set my alarm clock 15 minutes too fast.

  • Diane G

    I have a coffee as soon as I get up, helps me start the day.

  • C Tavares

    Coffee first thing!

  • wendimaroon

    Get up, put the coffee on, take my shower, drink my now ready coffee while reading the newspaper. Then I start getting ready for my day.

  • Craig Pratt

    brush teeth, shower, dress, coffee made and out the door!

  • Binder KaurBC

    Get up, boil water for instant coffee, :(,brush teeth/floss, have 1st cup of coffee, shower, do hair & put on light makeup, have 2nd cup of coffee, put on scrubs and off to work! cheers!

  • Amy

    Coffee, get the kids up, get breakfast. pack lunches, take the kids to school

  • Laura Keating

    get up make coffee turn computer on and have a glass of water with lemon, have water and coffee

  • Marlene

    Make coffee, have coffee, have more coffee then proceed with the day :)

  • Tammi Litowitz

    Wake my my daughter and start getting her ready for school, make a pot of coffee, nag at her to hurry up, make her breakfast, nag at her to hurry, make her lunch, nag at her to hurry, sign her agenda, nag at her to hurry, run to brush my teeth and get dressed while… you guessed it ‘yelling HURRY’ then I take her to school! LOL. Believe it or not, this is when she has an hour and a half to get out the door.

  • nbanders

    Coffee, then shower and breakfast

  • Happy Chinadoll

    I get up, get ready, then I get the girls ready. Drop them off at Day Care and Babysitter. Then I hop on the bus to go to work. I have my breakfast after I log in and check my emails.

  • dectime

    Shower, coffee and brekkie.

  • Serena Debolt

    Coffee while checking the news online and emails

  • Laird N Crystal Englot

    Wake up, shower, drink LOTS of coffee, then get the kiddo ready for school! Repeat LOL (rafflecopter name: crystal englot)

  • Brenda Lacourciere

    3 coffee and an update of facebook, email, and favorite sites.

  • seham

    nice brewed hot coffee!

  • Violet Smith

    I have my Folgers in the morning and read the paper/do crossword before getting ready for work

  • Denise Parkes

    would love one

  • MrDisco3

    i stumble out of bed and rustle up some bacon and drink some oj

  • Elayna Spruill

    Watch the news, take a warn shower and coffee….

    • Elayna Spruill

      *warm. lol

  • Grace

    I get ready by having a cup of coffee!

  • zahra premji

    I hop in the shower, get dressed and then spend 15 min having a cup of tea and checking my email and scanning the news online before leaving for work

  • Michelle Hwang

    I get ready in the morning by having a shower and then my morning cup of coffee!

  • Autumn Reid

    My morning is all about coffee, emails, and my furbaby…litter box cleaning, feeding, petting, playing… :-)

  • Josie Tusa

    My morning routine is coffee, checking emails, more coffee, shower and go..

  • Cheryl Poore

    wake up and have a walk. it really rejuvenates me

  • truckerofbc

    Wake up, have coffee, check emails, eat, enter a few contests, go driving, come back, check emails, enter a few contests, sleep..

  • LC

    i like to sleep in!!

  • staceyg

    get up and make my tea or coffee and read the daily newspaper!

  • Rachel Moir Cryer

    Let the dogs out make my coffee, shower, coffee checking emails, then go.

  • Jenny Nicole

    i wake up, brew my coffee (or tea) while i make my breakfast, then eat breakfast and drink my coffee while i get ready (put makeup on, etc!)

  • Doris

    As soon as I wake up I wash up and brush my teeth. Right after that I head to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and I sit to watch the morning news while enjoying my java :)

  • Bev Putnam

    Soon as i get up i put on the coffee

  • blessedta

    A nice cup of coffee after brushing my teeth

  • Yan D.

    hit the alarm, brush, dress, breakfast.

  • Irene Eichler

    shower … coffee…. get my kids out of bed , then I have another cuppa because I need it after that

  • i stumble down the staircase and make a pot of coffee. Drink two cups and dump the rest…walk upstairs and get ready for the day!

  • garfan

    coffee, coffee and computer

  • Mitch Fralic

    mm fresh coffee in the morning

  • Tammi Litowitz

    I wake my daughter and nag for about an hour and a half to get her out the door on time and then I enjoy my coffee and a bagel or muffin!

  • Walk with my dog, breakfest, social networks, some excercises with my boyfriend and I prepare for the day.

  • Tracy Saddul

    Start the coffee pot, wake up kids and husband, make lunches, pour my coffee, drink my coffee while doing make up and hair, and run out the door.

  • Diane Dunham-Welburn

    I get the kids ready for school, make breakfast for them and their lunches, get them out the door, then I make a cup of coffee and sit down and relax for a few minutes before starting my day!

  • lynn clayton

    I get the kid up make breakfast put him on the bus and relax I work from home

  • neilsviv


  • Make breakfast,tea/coffee,check on the bunnies get my daughter’s lunch together..take coffee with me..

  • Brandee H

    My toddler wakes me up. I avoid looking at the clock because I know it will scare me. We snuggle and then its play time!! No time to take it easy. I try to brush my teeth and get a coffee in there somewhere. :-)

  • Amanda

    Coffee, coffee and more coffee while I read my favorite blogs, fight with my 5 year old to wake up, feed the kids, get them dressed and if I remember myself as well… Notice that no shower was mentioned in there!

  • Mia Lioni

    First thing – making a cup of coffee. That is the main thing which entirely wakes me up!

  • Elaine Jasvins

    I try to get a few extra minutes of sleep, then spring into action, Dog out, Cat feed, bathroom, make tea and coffee, wake the kids. then full speed ahead.

  • Lynda Noack- Cook

    first thing i do after getting out of bed is grabbing my first coffee

  • Dreena

    First thing – wash up, make coffee, turn up the heat, eat brekkie, get everyone up.

  • muckymoo

    Coffee, walk the dog and shower.

  • Jennifer Andrews

    Get up, go pee, and make coffee!! LOL

  • Erika Birrell

    LOLthe first thing I think of, besides changing my daughters diaper, is coffee! Then I feed the kids, check my email, do a few contests and shower!

  • stacey h

    big glass of water, feed creatures, coffee, then shower

  • Teh Doll

    First thing I do is wake up my kids then shower and we are on our way. I enjoy my coffee once the kiddies are in school so I can relax and drink it.

  • Jenny Major

    Try and get ready before kids get up.

  • Jeanna johnson

    I wake up 1/2 hour before the kids, have my coffee in peace and then wake everyone up. It’s a blur after that then we are out the door on our way to school & work!

  • christinew

    I set out clothes the night before and try to make lunches then too to save time

  • Cathy Canton

    For me it is a coffee (and if I have time cereal)

  • Suzy Smith

    Believe it or not, I’ve never had a cup of coffee and I’d like to try! My morning routine consists of a Diet Coke, a shower and then paperwork galore.

  • Bonny MacIsaac

    I have to get the coffee and tea on here first thing before anything else is done. This would shorten that process a hundred times over!

  • Nora Edmiston-harlos

    When I get up I turn on the coffee machine, wait for it to brew, go outside for a smoke and make sure the dogs go outside. Then I have my first cup of coffee!

  • Elena

    I drink a cup of coffee and dress up