If you’re on Social Media – and if you’re reading my blog, I’m willing to bet that you are – and I’m sure your feeds have been taken over by fitness updates. Updating your social media accounts on what you’re doing isn’t new – but it seems like there’s been a surge of newfound fitness fanactics all over the Web lately.

And is that really a bad thing? This girl doesn’t think so!


(This photo made me giggle.)

I think it’s amazing! Sure, I can see how someone who’s not into fitness can think it’s annoying at f%ck. Just like how someone who hates seeing photos of food think that’s annoying, too. My advice? If you’re not into seeing fitness posts, unfollow those people. Just like if you don’t like seeing photos of food, why follow foodies? It makes no sense to me to follow some people only to complain about them. (Tip: On Facebook, if you don’t want to unfriend someone – like if they’re a family member – you can always “hide” their updates.)

Do you always have to post – every day – that you went to the gym to work out? Nope! But some do and I think it’s great that they do. I don’t do it because I don’t work out with my phone, sometimes mine runs out of battery or sometimes I just don’t feel like it.

I recently came across this Buzzfeed article, 19 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You Work Out, which I thought was HILARIOUS (because it’s so true!) but then the top comments were even more interesting because clearly, these people think it’s more annoying than anything.

This post is where I offer you some perspective, whether you think fitness updates are annoying or not. Since this blog is all about discovering new perspectives, please feel free to share yours in the comments!

Why I Find Them Motivational:

If you’re one of those people wondering why so many people on your Social Media feeds are “showing off” that they’re at the gym, consider my reasons for doing so.

  • It motivates me to see other people updating their social media accounts on fitness.
  • As silly as it sounds, seeing that So-and-so was at the gym at 6 a.m. while my ass was holding down the “snooze” button motivates the lazy right out of me.
  • Sweaty, post work-out selfies? Yup, that motivates me, too.
  • Not-so-sweaty, pre work-out selfies? Yup, that counts. (Also, it gives me ideas on cute gym outfits.)
  • Of course, I’ve discovered a wide array of fitness fanatics with amazing results, especially on Instagram and it’s allowed me to join a fitness community, almost like I have thousands of workout buddies (because I don’t really like working out with people irl.) (If you’d like a post on my favourite motivational Instagram accounts, let me know in the comments. I’m happy to share!)
  • It motivates me to see fitness updates on my social media feeds – it keeps my mind “in the game”.
  • It motivates me when I post, too! I sometimes look at my Instagram when I need some motivation and I tend to look at my own photos – it’s like preserving motivation. “Damn, I was so motivated that day! Why aren’t I like that today? Wait a minute, I can be like that today!” (Honestly, sometimes this is what goes through my head.)
  • When I post and I get encouraging comments telling me I motivate them… well, that’s amazing motivation for me!
  • It allows me to connect with other people (both near and far) who are into fitness. I can’t tell you how happy I am that my core group of friends are all into fitness now. I get excited when we talk about our runs, our latest work outs and we share tips and protein shakes (No, really though.)
  • It’s also helped me discover fitness brands that I otherwise would not have come across.


Whatif you suspect that some people are only posting about fitness to gain attention? Or to “show off”? Well … honestly, I don’t really care. If it makes that person feel better, then why should it bother me? I’m not the Fake Police.

So, where do you fit in? Do you think Fitness updates on Social Media are annoying or motivational? Do we share some of the same reasons? If you’ve got more to add, tell me in the comments!

Oh and my Instagram is @beautyandabite if you want to be workout buddies :)

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  • I agree – I like seeing my friends post fitness updates, and I like posting them as well (though I know it annoys some of my less social-media savvy friends). My friends & I have joined this site called “Fitocracy” that lets you log workouts, give props to other people, get badges etc. I haven’t decided if I like it or not yet (the desktop interface is really confusing, and the iPhone app is a little buggy) but the idea is neat.

    • That does seem like a neat idea! I still don’t use any fitness apps like that because I find that I just don’t have time and I don’t want to learn how to use it. If they make one that’s super simple to use, maybe I’ll just on board. Even my Nike + app is neglected :(

  • Paige Mangialardi

    Preach girl!
    “And those who were seen [working out] were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Nietzsche (and me)
    I love seeing fitness posts as long as they aren’t negative or putting others down (that also seems to be a trend…I unfollow them!) Fitspiration is a beautiful thing!

    If people hate/have a problem with someone living a healthy lifestyle then, “Haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna stay couch potatoes.”

    Lift girl lift! xx

    • Yes to unfollowing negative posts!!! Everyone works at their own pace and it turns me off when I see others putting anyone down. We all had to start somewhere, right?

  • No phone in the gym? What do you use for music?

    • I use my little iPod nano or shuffle (clips on to my shirt!) I don’t have music on my Android and it’s way to big to take around with me.

  • Jenna Stothers

    I 100% agree with your points. Honestly the saddest part about losing my phone (and not having Instagram on my new phone), is missing out on all those inspiring #fitspo food and workout pics that I used to regularly check out to keep me motivated! And seeing people post about their runs make me think I should get out there and exercise as well.

    • Yes, exactly! Do you ever check your instagram using the Web? You can’t post photos or follow hashtags, but you can still see your feed and comment/like. Can’t wait until you get a new phone so you can re-join us!! :)

  • I’ve seen a bunch of stats that say people who post updates on their fitness are more likely to lose weight & keep it off. We’re all accountable to one another this way. Also I find that IG provides a really real view of the ridiculous things I eat. It’s good to see balance ;)

    • Accountability is definitely an important factor! Like Vince commented (above), when you tell the Internet “Hey I’m gonna do this”… you kind of have to, right?
      And yes to keeping track of what you eat! I try to do 80/20 (clean/cheats) but lately I’ve been seeing more cheats on my IG and it’s really motivated me to change things up!

  • Vince O.

    I don’t take selfies or anything like that but I like to update when I’m going to (or at) the gym. It means I’m held accountable for working out, since I’ve told internet people that I’m doing so. I’m obligated to now.

    Also, other people working out motivate me. Girls, guys, it doesn’t really matter. If you’re a normal duder who is actively dedicating yourself to become fit, you’re inspiring to me in some way.

    (Unless you’re one of those crazy people who spend 6 hours in the gym benching 400 or whatever. You’re probably a cool person but I never will be like you, sorry.)

    • Yeah, there’s got to be that relatability factor for me to see someone as motivation, too. Contrast to the “6 hours in the gym” guy, there are those who are on the elliptical for like, 20 minutes and look amazing. Sadly, I can’t relate so they’re not very motivating for me, you know?

  • I keep a folder of fitness photos for inspiration on my phone and I play it on a slideshow while I workout on a machine. Selfies that I include, motivate me because it shows me how far I’ve come and positively reinforces that if I continue these workouts, my body will only get better. It’s a visualization of what I want for myself. Otherwise, I believe that people post workouts, use it for accountability to themselves, and by sharing it with the world – motivates others as well. As with anything done on social media, it can be a tool for bragging but you can quickly tell who puts in the hard work.

    • It’s admirable that you look at a slideshow while you workout to motivate yourself! (I, on the other hand, enjoy watching the food network LOL) And, “you can quickly tell who puts in the hard work.” – you’ve got that right!

  • Jennifer Hicks

    Everybody needs to work out! So I like knowing other’s routines.

    • Me too! I like seeing picture-by-picture workout ideas and see what type of exercises other people are doing.

  • I love this post! I think it’s a great thing to have a community that motivates and inspires each other to get fit. :) If you’re proud of what you’ve worked hard for, I don’t see anything wrong with bragging about it!

    I totally Instagrammed a post-workout pic after this. It’s always nice to see a snapshot of yourself high on endorphins after a workout. It inspires me to keep going and to get off my ass so that I can feel like that again!

    • Yes, exactly! Seeing how happy you look after a workout is great motivation!

  • crystalgibson

    I would love to know who your favourites are on Instagram! I am always looking for inspiration and I agree with what Steph said about accountability. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder forever and am the queen of yo-yo diets so I definitely am encouraged when I see women doing awesome fitness things + healthy eating (since that is something I need to work on big time). Anyway, I start training tonight in hopes of helping myself feel better – so thanks for this post! :)

    • Yay Crystal! What type of training are you doing?

      I might do a post about it soon, but off the top of my head I’m thinking of Bellafalconi_fitness, MB_Motivation and inspiredtobefit! Check them out and tell me what you think.

      Healthy eating is something I need to really keep in check, too! It’s so much harder in the summer because of all the drinking, to be honest!

  • Karine

    Great post, in fact, I think it’s annoying for me. When I work out, I don’t post about it, I don’t write about it, I just do it, and I’m satisfied for myself. I remember some girl posting herself in sweat after a run. Am I the only one who finds that gross? I think the thing with posting about it, is that if you ever stop working out, people are going to be asking you ”so how’s working out going?” or they’ll ask you ”How much pounds did you lose?”. It’s putting yourself more pressure in a way, for the ”benefit” of showing others that you work out

    • Thank you so much for sharing your perspective, Karine!

      You are definitely right in that once you post about fitness, people will start asking you more questions. While some people take that as motivation (like the other commenters on this post), I can see how it can add a lot of pressure, too. Speaking from experience, it can be overwhelming and can even shatter your confidence if you gain some weight instead of losing it. But again, it depends how you process this “attention” and (again, from experience) how sure you are of yourself. In the end, you are working out for yourself and not for your online audience.

      I wouldn’t say that it’s for the “benefit” of showing others that you work out – I think it’s a gray area. When I post a sweaty post-run photo (which I think are really awesome and only slightly gross), it is both to motivate others and MYSELF, which I think is really important. Personally speaking, I am welcoming that added pressure. As selfish as it sounds, posting about fitness probably motivates me more than others because it allows me to visualize my results. But if you’re the type of person who’s not into that and prefer to be a lone wolf, I totally get it. I have moments like that, too.

  • Amy

    Great Post! I have just been given the go ahead from my doctor to get active again after having my baby. Having 2 babies in 2 years has been difficult on my body and I really want to get back into my old clothes. I have decided to follow some fitness type peeps on my instagram to motivate myself on a daily basis. :)

    • What great news, Amy! Following some “fitness type peeps” is a great first step. I think I’ll publish a post on my fave Instagram motivations in the future – I’ll let you know when I do.

      Are you going to try Insanity? Or a similar program? When getting back into the swing of things, I find that I work better when I eat better, so I usually start eating clean before I start any workout regimes. Everyone’s different though, so I’m excited to hear about your progress (if you’re sharing!). Good luck!

  • Shayna Wiwierski

    I work out almost every day and teach a fitness class, however, I rarely post anything about it. I have a few friends who will post on Twitter if they go for a run or something, but those people hardly work out, so I think it’s more like showing off or creating the illusion that they work out lots although they rarely do. I find that more annoying then anything because I know they don’t workout often. Hope that makes sense…

    Personally, I follow a few different Instagram accounts that post motivational photos of fit women and it totally inspires me.

    • I totally get you, Shayna!

      Yeah, it’s annoying to see when someone creates the “illusion” that they work out, but that doesn’t bother me at all. For whatever reason, that person needs to do that (perhaps they have very low self confidence or they’re hoping that the people commenting will get them to be more dedicated to their workout routines, I don’t know.) Whatever the reason, it must be doing something positive to them if they keep doing it, right?
      Like Donna said in another comment here, you can quickly tell who actually puts in the work!

      I also find that posts like that on Twitter/IG are far less annoying than Facebook, but it ultimately depends on your circle of friends/followers.

  • Erika Andrews

    While I’m all for posting motivational quotes or pics with words over it (Ok, I’m even guilty of taking pictures of my kettlebells and making them look fancy with filters) – I find selfies annoying (in general) but more so the “hey world look at me I just finished my workout, applaud me” or “hey world look at me sitting in front of this squat rack instead of actually doing work.”

    I don’t find it motivating, but it’s interesting to read everyone else’s reasons as to why they *do*! I always found them to be attention seeking, but I guess it’s just like everything else with our generation posting what they wear, what they eat, and when they work out. My only concern is that people are willing to accept information from so many people who aren’t qualified – please keep in mind, not all of our bodies are the same and what works for some may not work for others. Everyone is on their own journey, have fun with it but most importantly take the time to learn and educate yourself!

    • “hey world look at me sitting in front of this squat rack instead of actually doing work.” –> Hahaha I think this is funny, too. But people like that exist – whether they snap a photo to share on SM or not. I’m sure we’ve all come across people at the gym that don’t actually do anything but show up. I think it’s funny, but it doesn’t really bother me. It’s almost expected, especially now that “fitness” has become such a big trend.

      And I agree with you 100% about people accepting information from people who aren’t professionals. I put an effort into letting people know that my methods work for ME and I have no idea how they will work for someone else. I guess we’re putting a lot of trust in our “audience” that they’ve done their research. Truthfully, it’s probably the only thing that’s taken away motivation on posting about fitness for me.

      But I will say I *HATE* when people try to exploit overweight and obese people with quick fixes and as someone who used to know NOTHING about fitness, I can see how someone with a similar background can believe anything anyone will say if they think it will help them lose weight quickly. There are some very popular Instagram accounts that preach 100-pound weightloss stories that obviously will gain all types of attention, mostly from people who are looking for that “quick fix” and anyone who does any type of research or has put in work KNOWS that there is no quick fix. So yeah, that really bothers me.

      (I hope this reply made sense. I am getting worked up lol)

  • Pauline Grant

    Great post! I find it’s definitely motivational for me to follow fitspo and clean eating social media accounts because if/when I do cheat, I know to get back on track ASAP. FYI – my fave account to follow is Cassey Ho (@blogilates) on Instagram & YouTube – she’s a really peppy trainer with some fun workouts and clean eating recipes.

    • I know what you mean! It puts things in perspective when I’m eating a bad meal and I see someone post a healthy meal! I’ve seen her Youtube account and not really a fan of her workouts, but I like her Instagram! Thanks for telling me about it!

  • I think it’s totally fine if you talk or share about it on social media, just make sure it’s not the sole reason why you work out.

  • Rema Gouyez-Benallal

    LOVED this article!! I just started following a ton of fitness insta accounts a month ago and they have kept me going like you wouldn’t believe. Just when I’m craving a muffin or sweet treat I’m flicking through my insta and see these amazing transformations and it picks me up right away. I work out 4-6 times a week now and I love seeing my friend post pics of their workouts. Makes me feel like I’m not alone. I love when The Glitter Geek posts her cycle rides and bootcamp pics haha. And Lucky too! She great for it. Just started following you! (sorry I wasn’t before…) I honestly only post my fitness or healthy food pics to help inspire people because it really does that for me. I wish my friends would post their workouts more!

    • Rema, you are so sweet!! No need to apologize for the IG follow hehe.

      I am exactly the same as you! Since I’ve recently gotten back on track with fitness, I am glued to my Instagram because it keeps me going. My IRL friends don’t do it either (even though they all work out), but they’re slowly getting there! Thanks for reading + commenting!


    Oh shut the hell up, you goddamn posers! What, you bought a criminal amount of spandex to prance all over town in (which I WILL stare at your ass in the most obnoxious manner and probably even sniper pictures of it if I happen to feel so inclined), started an Instagram account and took a bunch of pictures of yourself… yourself (and the way I’ve seen some of you strike bodybuilding poses is laughable, and that’s being kind!) and suddenly you’re all “fitness savvy” gurus? When did you join a gym, six months ago? Anybody who exercises regularly and HARD doesn’t have any good reason to post about it or selfie about it; it just takes care of itself and their body, mind, and spirit are all in sync with each other and they know when they walk into a room of a hundred people that they’re the person there in the best shape! You’re all just overreaching, trendy fad-jumpers who sound like a bad Nigerian oil scam! Post “The sky’s green” instead on social media, I’d be much more inclined to believe you about that!

    • Whew, glad you got all of that out of your system! Guess you really needed to rant :)

      Thanks for the input!