So, I took Kris out to School for #SchoolBBQ! Mainly because I couldn’t think of anyone who’d appreciate a free BBQ more than this guy, haha. We couldn’t stay too long because we had somewhere to be later that night, but I’m so glad he got to meet a bunch of people I met through Twitter that I adore (and vice versa)!). This vlog is mostly about the food (and aren’t they always, when it comes to me?). Let me know what you think! I’m still tryna get the hang of vlogging and editing the vids (pain in the arse!), so if you guys have some tips, let me know!

Also, I love how the staff at School always seem so happy to be working! After working in restaurants for awhile, I can really appreciate a happy staff (especially the line cooks & chefs! No, seriously you can see them smiling at the camera in the video! lol) Next #SchoolBBQ is going to be on July 13th. Follow @schoolville on Twitter to get more info!

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