If you haven’t tried Coloupop – you are missing out! I was introduced to this brand because they seemed to be all over social media. And what’s not to love? The super affordable prices, frequent releases, collaborations and awesome shades. I had to try them! This is my second time purchasing a bunch of things from them and I absolutely love their Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Lip products. I’m not so much of a fan of their Lippie Stix, though (I don’t find them long lasting enough). The packaging is simple and nothing special, but I do appreciate the box they come in when you order them.


They announced FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING until the end of the year, so I had to jump on it. I needed a few new lippies for fall and I picked up these four! They are gorgeous when swatched on my arm, but even better on the lips! Lovebug, Mama and Calypso all come in a set called Up and Away for $15! Such a good deal. I added Hutch because dark lips for fall/winter are a weakness of mine. (Check out THIS POST if you’re iffy about trying dark lips – super affordable way to do it!)


Both Calypso and Hutch are “Ultra Satin” finishes, which really means they’re not as matte as the Ultra Matte. They are extremely pigmented and really long lasting (I can eat a meal and would not have to reapply!) Calypso is the most wearable one – I think it comes pretty close to my natural lip colour, actually! It’s a pinky-nude and already making its way on my all-time faves list.


Mama is a vibrant, burnt orange and it was exactly what I was looking for this fall. I don’t have any other lip colour like this one, so I was most excited to try it! It didn’t disappoint – it’s a matte finish and it is long-lasting.


Lovebug is a deep, terracotta shade and it’s very trendy right now. It’s very 90’s-in-2016! This might be my least favourite out of all 4 of these shades just because I don’t see myself wearing it as much. I think it would look awesome on someone with a darker skin tone than mine.

hutch-colourpop Ah, Hutch! This shade makes me so happy – I honestly love love love dark lips. It makes such a statement on its own! It is an Ultra Satin formula and although it’s not too drying, it’s not a moisturizing lip product either. With any dark lip, it’s really important to make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized, so don’t forget to put on your lip balm underneath.


Here is all 4 of them side by side! Which one would you most likely wear? 


Have you tried Colourpop before? Which products should I try next? Feel free to add your rating below!

Where to buy: – shipping was actually not bad – I live in Canada (Ontario) and I received it in about a week’s time.

Price: $5-$6

Disclosure: Not sponsored. Bought with my own dolla bill$.

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