This Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be one of the 7 people chosen for a hair cut & style at Evoke Salon at their location on Yonge & Eglington (they have a location on Bloor St, too!) by Jo (aka @clickflickca.)

This was my first time at this salon, so I was super excited! And this promo came at a good time because I actually started looking for a new stylist several weeks ago. Our little Twitter group was spoiled with wine, cheese, fruits & veggies as we chatted with the owners, staff and mingled with one another. Among the attendees were @clickflickca @Dan_L @StilettoTwins @GingerGeri @Fashionights @HipUrbanGirl & myself. Hands down, my favourite part about any tweet-up is meeting the awesome people behind the tweets! If you’re new to the Twitter scene, don’t be shy to follow these folks, we are all very friendly!

Our “Before” Shot

(My apologies, this was the best one from my camera! Guess that’s what happens when 7+ cameras are flashing.)

As you walk up the stairs (the salon is located above the Tim Horton’s), you’re greeted by friendly and smiling faces. The staff here is extremely accommodating, hip, and just downright cool. The decor is very modern, yet simple and sleek with white walls, mirrors and light grey accents.

My stylist was Leslie and she was fantastic! The owners: Jason, Ergys and Jon, were not kidding when they said that their number one priority was great customer service. They really, actually care about you as an individual. Leslie and I spent a few minutes talking about how I’d ideally like my hair to be, how I usually style it and she made recommendations based on my lifestyle and face shape. Together, we decided to trim the length slightly (I’m trying to re-grow my hair long) and add a few layers for a nicer shape, and she trimmed my bangs too!

Finished hair styles:

Our “After” Shot

Overall, Evoke Salon really impressed me. And that is saying a lot considering I am very picky when it comes to my hair. Aside from the great service, I really admire that they are using social media into their marketing efforts. If you want to connect with Evoke, you can visit their site at Evoke Salon, their new blog, or their Youtube Channel (where they have awesome tutorials like this 5-minute up-do.)

Special thanks to Jo & Evoke Salon for making this happen!

PS. Our gift bags came with FULL bottles of Goldwell shampoo & conditioner (not just the trial size!).And they also provided us with complimentary umbrellas because it was raining and we couldn’t get our new hairstyles ruined by the rain. Fab!

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  • Evoke was awesome – so glad to have met you!

    • I feel the same way! See you around :)

  • Janet

    Sorry, can’t say the same. Went recently, new to the city, and was extremely disapointed, at the way they styled my hair, and coloured my hair. Total disaster. Left looking worse than when I went in. Tried to talk to them but they became defensive. Sorry, but I speak the truth…not world class stylists, not great service.