It has been over a week since the Erykah Badu show and I can still feel the energy and the vibe from it. Honestly, I am finding it a bit hard to even explain the night because it was so magical. It was my first time seeing her and she blew me away… I feel like she’s a fountain of soul and awesomeness and positive energy and I am SO thankful I got to see her!!! So big thanks to INK Entertainment for sending me out!



Best part of the night for me? I just about squealed when she started playing Bag Lady (like seriously I could not handle my shit) I wish I took a video of it, but I didn’t because I decided to really be in the moment (life is better this way) so here are the music videos instead so they can get stuck in your head today.

and then towards the end of the night, she sang Love of My life (which was my JAM back when it came out) and I felt like my soul had an orgasm. Ahhhh, Erykah just made my life. One of the best performances I’ve ever seen.

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  • I’m seriously jealous, seeing her in concert is on my bucketlist. Glad you had fun! :D

    • You NEED to see her live! It was so much more than I imagined. Her energy was contagious!