Dolce is a pretty popular gelato spot in Toronto and in my experience, it’s frequented by many young adults like university students and (let’s be honest here) hipsters. Or the hipster-y kind of people… I’m not sure that makes sense. But anyway it’s super popular for a reason — this is some damn good gelato.


What is gelato, you ask? It’s like the Italian version of the ice cream, but better. Why? Because it has a lower butterfat content and is more fresh because it is typically made with fresh fruits and nuts.

High quality gelato is usually made in-house. This is because it can’t be frozen for a long period of time, making it harder to order them in the big tubs like what ice cream comes in. It’s also kept at a lower temperature and doesn’t actually freeze solid. It’s also much smoother than ice cream and it’s best enjoyed several days within making it!


Wikipedia tells me: “Unlike most commercial ice creams in the United States, which are frozen with a continuous assembly line freezer, gelato is frozen very quickly in individual small batches in a batch freezer. Churning during the freezing process incorporates air into the mix. The added air is called overrun. Unlike most commercial ice cream, which contains up to 100% overrun, the overrun in gelato is low, generally 20–35%. Lower overrun results in a denser product with more intense flavors.” Sounds good to me!


Oh and Dolce serves some desserts, too! Though I’ve yet to try ’em, they looked really good! They also get some of their pastries from the Dufflet and the Cheesecake Factory bakery.


OOP — almost forgot: What’s your favourite gelato flavour?! I’m a pistachio kind of girl, but I enjoy hazelnut or espresso, too. I should probably explore some other favours, but I can never say no to the pistachio! Suggest me a flavour to try next time? Or let me know about your favourite gelato or dessert spot!

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