If you follow me on any social media, you’ve seen my love for avocados on my meals – I put it on eggs, smoothies, salads, as a dessert, etc. Buuuuut did you know you can also use it as a hair mask? (Okay, you probably did.) But have you ever used it?

I’m always on the look out for hair products that’ll add shine and silky-ness to my hair. Ever since I stopped using heat, my hair has been looking AMAZING! But of course it still gets dull every now and then (especially the ends).

I remember doing this when I was younger in the Philippines – except I didn’t know what I was doing and I was like, ten years old. Not that it was much different this time around… I knew avocados were good for your hair, but I didn’t want to to just slap on some avo. So, I added another ingredient that my grandma (we call her “Ma”) still puts on her hair today! Coconut oil! Both avocado + coconut oil have amazing nutrients for your hair and I always have them handy, so this has become a bit of a routine for me – I do it every month or whenever I feel my hair is lacking shine.

You will need:

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • Coconut oil (liquid) – just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds if yours is solid. But since it’s summer time, mine is very liquid these days.

And here’s step-by-step pics because I find them to be really helpful. (Tell me if you do, too!)


The amount of coconut oil will depend on how long or thick your hair is. Obviously the longer/thicker, the more you should use. I just eyeball mine and I have very long and thick hair.


Yours should look similar to this consistency. I like it a bit chunky.


I start from the bottom because that’s where my hair needs this mask the most.  I find that this also ensures I cover my whole head. No need to wear gloves because your skin loves this mixture. If there’s any leftovers, I massage it into my hands and my hands are super soft after this treatment, too!


Yeah, I don’t use shower caps so I just use a clean plastic bag (or saran wrap).


Rinse off the mask first, then shampoo + condition. I don’t use heat on my hair so this is how my hair is when it’s air dried. I purposely did not add any other products so I can show you guys how the mask worked.


I took a photo before I did the mask and then after. There’s definitely a difference! (Can you see?)

You’ll feel it the most because your hair will be super soft :)

Hope you enjoyed this! Let me know if you’ve ever tried something like this. Or maybe you have some tips you’ve inherited from your grandma? :)

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  • This is amazing, Maria! Now I know what to do! Glad you shared it!

    • Thank you! It’s sooo easy and works so well. I love DIY hair masks :)

  • Victoria Ess

    Oh my gosh, your hair looks AMAZINGLY healthy — when you say you don’t use heat, do you mean ever? My DIY tip is using a baking soda rinse as an astringent to get rid of product build-up in your hair! It’s so simple and it makes a huge difference for me!

    • Ahhh thank you! I’ve worked SO HARD to keep it healthy. And yes, that involves not using heat. I use heat (as in blow-dry and heating tools) maybe 5 times a year, at most. Usually if I’m a part of a wedding party (not much choice) or having professional photos done. I started doing this in 2011 and it’s worked out really well for me so far. Don’t miss the hair dryer at all.

      Thanks for the tip! I’ve never tried that before – would be great to use after a wedding or special event.

      • Victoria Ess

        Thanks for clarifying — that’s so inspiring! I have cut down significantly on how often I use styling tools (from using a straightener daily on my already-straight Asian hair), with the exception of a two-week binge when I was obsessed with my new curling wand… But five times is so impressive and something to strive towards!

  • SandyT

    What!? That’s an awesome tip!! Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re sooo welcome, Sandy! I hope you try it :)

  • Alizée Bilbey

    I love this post! I’m always looking for natural ways to keep my hair nourished. I usually use olive oil & honey for a hair mask, but avocado looks great! I’ll be trying this next time :)

    • Yay! I know your hair will love it. I will try yours! Sounds like it’ll taste good too lol