I’m doing a blog post on this because this is the safest way I know to express my feelings about this episode without spoiling people who haven’t seen it. So, if you’ve yet to see the episode and don’t want to be spoiled, please navigate away from this post. For the rest of you who have seen it and want to discuss, then…

(Ok, just wanted to share my favourite .gif of Dex beforehand.)

We can move on now.

I’m just gonna go out and say it. I am disappoint. I, like many of you, had a bajillion theories on how they could tie this season up together… and what happened was not in any of my delusional theories. I think the season was good overall, especially considering that it followed Season 4 – which is undeniably the best season on television ever. I knew there was no way they could top that season, or the season finale for that matter. But still.. I am disappoint. Let me break it down this way: Things I love about this episode vs. Things I didn’t love about this episode.

Things I love about this episode:

No cliffhanger. I hate when shows do that and I’m glad that Dexter is not one of them. I like that they tied all the big story lines into a neat little bow.

The intensity of a Dexter episode was still there. Your heart beats faster, you unknowingly hold your breath, maybe even cover your eyes. Or… ok, at least I do these things. This definitely happened once Quinn requested a lawyer (Shit just got real.gif) and when Deb was going down to the basement. What about you?

Deb has really grown into her character. I used to really hate Deb. Like, really hate her. But in this season, the writers really worked on her character and she’s got a dimension now. I’m excited to see how her character does next season.

Quinn is not dead or in jail. Ok, I know. I hated Quinn. I wanted him to die, along with Liddy for Dexter’s protection. But he’s really grown on me and his relationship with Deb seems to have really changed him (for the better). I can’t wait to see what happens to his character next season because it’s pretty obvious that he knows Dexter’s a killer (right?).

Astor and Dexter’s relationship. I like that they are bonding and have a (more or less) healthy father-daughter relationship. It’s nice to see Dex interact with someone emotionally like that.

– And of course, Dexter didn’t get caught. Yay!

Things I didn’t love about this episode:

Only 1 kill… I wanted BLOOD damnit.

That one kill was Jordan Chase. Ugh! I wanted more of him. I wanted to know a back story and why he was the way he is… Sigh.

Lumen just… left. I know it made sense that her “Dark Passenger” is gone now. But… WHAT THE HELL MAN!! I was secretly hoping Dex would just kill her right there on the kitchen floor, not gonna lie.

I wanted Deb to find out about Dexter. This has been killing me since season one… I am getting impatient.

LaGuerta & Angel. I don’t even know where to begin… these two annoy the heck outta me and I find them to be so useless. I hope they have less air times next season, or they die.

Also, I made a list on Twitter for some people that like to discuss #Dexter. If you wanna get a conversation going, you can tweet the folks on this list: >> http://bit.ly/dexlist – But maybe wait a few days until everyone’s seen the episode? :) Also you can just @ me if you want to be added to it!

And bonus: Did anyone else feel like Deb kind of knew that it was Dexter when she said, “Well at least it’s finally over for you” or something like that towards the end? Was that just me?And I was cringing so hard when they were on the boat and Lumen was at the front… I felt like she was going to get sniped or something? Haha (too much Black Ops for me, maybe?).

What did you think? Was it what you expected? What would you add to the love/not love list?

– With Julia Stiles >> http://youtu.be/zOJLjn0EGqA
– With Chip Johannessen >> http://youtu.be/mpnbFGH_ARI

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  • I agree with all of your points (even the bonus stuff. Crazy). Actually not necessarily all.. As much as I want Deb to know his secret, I feel most shows go that way. Getting all the main characters or family members in on it signals the downhill slope for a show (ie. Alias, Chuck..etc).

    • Hahaha, really?! That is cool… I was moving away from the screen during the boat scene because I felt like SOMETHING had to happen. It can’t all end in happiness like that… but alas, it still kind of did. What a contrast from last season.

      Good point about the indication of going “downhill”. I think they’ll save Deb knowing for the series finale, or very close to it. Either way, it needs to be gigantic.

  • diana

    yaaa! I was totally surprised that there was no cliff hanger!! Strangely disappointed..As for the boat scene..totally the opposite of what I was thinking! I thought it was meant to be more of an emotional scene to show that Dexter was learning about human attachment and possibly even “love.”

    I remember reading though that the directors of the show intended for this season to show Dexter’s growth and coping after the death of Rita And I think it did just that.. remember that screaaaaaam!

    • Yes! Give that this season’s direction was always to steer Dex and the rest of the characters towards “emotional growth”, then yet it definitely did just that. Maybe I just really hate this emotional BS. I miss season 1 Dex when he killed more and with different tools instead of just the knife lol

      Also, I used to find Rita sooo annoying but I really miss her. =(

  • “And I was cringing so hard when they were on the boat and Lumen was at the front… I felt like she was going to get sniped or something?”

    I kept thinking of that comment Dexter made about fate, and I was thinking “OMG, they’re going to hit a rock, she’ll end up drowning…it won’t be a bad guy, it’ll just be fate.”

    I also thought he was going to come home and find her killed by that ex boyfriend who came looking for her (and seemingly had no role other than that one episode).

    I liked the whole “I’m leaving now” angle actually. Dexter works better solo, not as a team. We saw how difficult it was to have two people in the know about his dealings this season, keeping it up just would be too tough over time.

    I agree with Sean that they won’t do all the major things (like Deb finding out about him) until they’re gearing up to end the series…which poses an issue: we’ve had how many seasons now where he’s never gotten caught, where he’s also compromised and killed outside his code, and where those close to him have come close to finding him out but never do. So its hard to really get worked up about “Ooooo, is he going to get caught THIS TIME?!” when the odds are he won’t.

    They really need to shake things up next season. The series is starting to feel like a video game where each level is the same basic premise with slight changes. It’s like the various quests in WoW where you have to hunt down x number of some creature, and the only diff is the type of creature and the difficulty.

    Still, this season was better than the Jimmy Smitz one, but not as good as last year’s.

    • Thanks for commenting, Darcy.

      I do agree that Dex works better alone. And in general, I’m glad that Lumen is gone, but I just didn’t like that she just LEFT. I felt that they could have made that more exciting. I would have been happier if she was killed or something (but I can see why they didn’t want to kill off another female companion for Dexter after Rita). And I guess one could look at her decision to leave up to fate after all.

      It’s funny you mentioned that the ex-boyfriend served no purpose other than that one episode because that’s how I feel about the Santa Muerta cases and the new cop. I guess they were just a filler before all the juicy stuff happened with the barrel girls.

      That said, I still have faith that the writers will shake it up next season, since it’s predicted to be their last. I am so excited to see what kind of things they’ll put together for next season.

  • Lisa (AKA Ellerich)

    Similar reaction to you. Like that it all wrapped up neatly and am surprised that I actually am growing the like Deb now, she’s not the whiny lil b*tch she used to be :p I figured nothing could happen to Quinn, every romantic interest of Deb’s has ended up in effed-up ness so this one had to be promising. Though personally I wish they killed him off I think he’s got potential for next season. Will be interesting to see his and Dexter’s ‘relationship’ evolve now that Quinn pretty much owes him one.

    RE: Lumen. What. The. Eff. You. Ungrateful. B*tch! (Sorry for the swears!) Was SO excited to see Dexter finally have a companion who got him. I can’t believe she left. Though it is true to the show, he does what he does in solitude. But I would have liked to see a lil killing family all grow up together!

    LOTS of unanswered questions. Usually after the season they’ll do an interview w/ Michael C. Hall and the season’s target (Chase) so hoping that may answer some of ’em!


    • Yes! A part of me wants a little bromance action with Quinn and Dex… I mean, I think he deserves a real buddy with no ulterior motives (like Prado or Rudy).

      I was SO SAD for Dexter when she was telling him she was leaving. Oh my god. I could feel his heart ache! He was gonna make pancakes, damnit!! and yes! I think they did an interview with “Lumen” already but I didn’t catch it. Can’t wait for the interview w/ Jordan & Dexter. I remember last year’s with Trinity was amazing.

  • I really liked the finale even though there was only one kill. The season overall concentrated on a more human side of Dexter which I really enjoyed seeing. There were only a couple of things that bugged me at the end of the show. 1-Lumen leaving. Her leaving ties up the season as if the writers are saying Dexter is going to get a fresh new plot to work on next season without worrying about Lumen getting hurt. and 2-They seemed to drop the case about Liddy’s death. It was like Ok Quinn isn’t a suspect anymore so let’s just forget about the officer down then. I don’t know, maybe that will carry over to the next season.

    • Haha that is true about Liddy’s death. So weird that they’re not going nuts over it like they did in the past (I think it was season 2 when a cop died). I am also a tad bit worried about Emily’s house and her dead body? I mean, Lumen’s blood is all over that place, too… I wonder how they’ll close that up.

      I watched the first episode a few days ago and it is so different. Dexter is so much more human now – actually capable of emotions and connection. This season definitely propelled him into being more human. And if you put it that way, I feel like anything can happen next season. Like a clean slate, almost.

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  • Jennastothers

    I agree completely with your post! I liked how it all tied up neatly in the end, but I felt kind of ripped off when Deb let Dexter and Lumen go without even looking to see who they were. It was too easy or something. Although the scene where Dexter stabbed Jordan Chase in the foot was amazing, I was disappointed at the lack of backstory (and also his acting was pretty bad — the lip licking thing was gross). Also, I hated how Lumen left! I really liked her character but it was pretty lame that she decided over night that she’s all care bears and sunshine now…I also thought Dexter was going to kill her with the pieces of plate he broke! Haha. Although I have a love/hate relationship with cliffhanger finales, I just felt this finale was lukewarm. Great post!