A couple of months ago, this little product landed on my desk. The super cute packaging caught my eye, but the actual product is what impressed me the most. Benefit Big Easy claims to be “Better than a BB” – and while I can’t attest to that since I’m not a huge BB cream user, I was surprised at how often I was reaching for it instead of my usual tinted moisturizer or foundation.

I should mention that I used to be insanely afraid of “dewy” skin. As an oily skin girl, I felt that if it ain’t matte – it’s not going on my face. 2014 has been the year for me to finally embrace my skin and dare I say… even attempt the “dewy” finish.

The Big Easy comes in 6 different shades; Benefit Canada sent me 3 of them.


As you can see, there’s not a huge difference between Light 02 and Medium 04. I think Beige 05 would have been the perfect shade for me, but Deep Beige 06 might be my summer shade.


Here’s a closer look at the shades. The first thing I noticed about this was the consistency – it is thick, but it isn’t full coverage. It is very good for layering, although I find that I only need one layer. I like to apply using my fingers or a stipling brush, but a little goes a long way.


Here’s how it looks like on my skin. I do not use powder on top. There aren’t a lot of face products that an oily skin girl like me can wear without powder, this is a pretty big deal! No filter, no edits – this photo was taken with natural lighting. You can see how natural it looks – not too matte, but pretty dewy and absolutely perfect for spring. Please excuse my dry lips (lol how embarassing).

What do you think? What’s your fave base for spring? Any oily skin girls try this (or have other products you LOVE? Share in the comments!)

Disclosure: This product was sent to me by Benefit Canada for a possible review. I’m sharing because I love this product and I think you might, too! 

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Dewy Skin for Spring - Even for us Oily Skin Girls! Benefit Big Easy, Better than a BB
Amazing natural, non-oily coverage! Very impressive formula, but limited shades.
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  • Oooh your skin looks good! As the not-so-proud owner of oily skin I can relate. The word dewy scares me! I don’t think I’ve ever gone a day without wearing mattifying powder, so yeah, consider me impressed by this!

  • It makes your skin glow beautifully Maria! I haven’t tried this one yet but I’m definitely tempted to.

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