Earlier this month, I was invited to a Culture.licious cooking class. They are held at the Whole Foods Markets in Mississauga (Yup, across from Square One) and Oakville as well as the HQ in Toronto.

I remember first hearing about Culture.licious this summer because they followed me on Twitter and I immediately thought what a GREAT idea! (You can follow them here: @Culturelicious and it’s run by Wendy, who is the visionary behind Culture.licious. More on that later.) The cooks that lead the classes are not chefs – they are Master Cooks – and they learned their recipes from their homes. I was very happy to attend the Vietnamese class because I LOVE Vietnamese food – Kris (that’s the fiancé) and I are at our local Pho at least once a week and I always say, “One day I will learn how to make this!” Well, this blog post is about the day that actually came true :)


The group gathered around the table (I think we were already eating dinner in this pic – ooops!). It was an intimate setting we were encouraged to share stories about ourselves and our love for travel and culture. (And I loooove hearing everyone’s travel stories so I was in dinnertime chat heaven.) Wendy shared with us that the whole idea of Culture.licious came from her love of travel and learning about the different cultures and food of the world. (I am smiling so big right now  just thinking about it all over again.)

Ok, ok  enough of my rambling. Onto the cooking.


The first thing we learned was how to make that delicious peanut sauce with the fresh rolls (yes, it was the best I’ve ever tasted). And here is Minh teaching us all how to roll – she makes it look easy! And our set-up before we got our hands dirty! (Okay not really dirty)


And this was my delicious fresh roll – I think it was my 2nd try? But definitely was not my last. We ate so many of them, we couldn’t help ourselves!


Next up were the Grilled Pork Chops! The whole room smelled so amazing while these bad boys were getting ready.


And this is the finished product! Complete with a fried egg and all the fixin’s!


And for dessert, we had Cassava Cake! Very similar to the Filipino one so obviously it was also yummy.


Lastly, I finally got to meet these beautiful ladies! (Minh, Sandy, Wendy & Myself )

Their November schedule was just announced, so you can check that their site. They also have a Facebook page where they post pics of the recent classes and OF THE FOOD! There’s so many other classes I was to try now – Goan/Kenyan “Bush Inspired Cooking Class?” or how about the Bosnian Baking class?

The classes are regular $75.00 but if you use the promo code Maria at checkout, you will get $10 off :) Hope you enjoy!!

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