As a member of P&G’s Beauty United program, I am sent various products throughout the year. I realized I had a pretty good collection of the COVERGIRL LipPerfection lippies, so I thought I would do a review.

First of all, I have to say – I don’t normally like drugstore lipsticks, but this line surprised me. In general, I feel like “drugstore brands” have stepped it up so much in the last couple of years, don’t you think?

Here’s the claim:

Bright, gorgeous colour that can transform your day and your lips. Enriched with silk moisturizing complex, our formula helps sustain moisture levels and helps create soft, smooth, beautiful lips in just 7 days.*

They are indeed super moisturizing! Also a big fan of the colour pay-off and of course, the price – they range anywhere from $5 to $8!


Here is a close-up! The colours I got are pretty awesome and totally my thing, except maybe “Ravish”. You’ll see.


Here is how they look on my arm when the light is shining on them. They are pretty shiny because the formula is super moisturizing.



I like the packaging, too. Pretty sturdy for a drugstore brand and I like how you can see the shade at the bottom – super easy for me to choose which one I’ll use.


And here’s how they look when the light isn’t directly on them. I am a sucker for matte lipsticks! If you’d like to achieve this finish, just make sure you pat you lips with tissue and layer until you’re happy with the pigmentation. Some of them are more shiny than others. “Seduce” (first one on the left) was the shiniest of the bunch for me. The rest have a very moisturizing almost-matte finish.

 And here’s how they look on me:


^^ Click to embiggen ^^

My #1 fave is bombshell. What can I say, I’m a sucker for pink lips!! ;)

Let me know in the comments which one you’d most likely wear, or your favourite drugstore lipstick! You’ll notice the new fancy review box down below… whatcha think? All reviews, beauty or bites, will have this “recap” at the bottom so it’s easier for you guys to go through the blog. There’s also a user rating, so if you’ve tried this product, tell me what you think by giving it your star rating!

Disclosure: These were provided to me by P&G as a member of the Beauty United program. As usual, all thoughts are my own. Sharing because I likey and I thought you might, too!

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COVERGIRL LipPerfection Swatches + Review (Seduce, Hot Passion, Eternal, Bombshell, Ravish, Creme)
Overall, I'm a fan of this line. Fantastic colour pay-off for a drugstore brand (hello, priced at $5-$8) and also very moisturizing. One thing I didn't like was the smell - it didn't smell bad, but it smelled like lipstick (and I'm not a fan). It's not strong enough to deter me from using it, though. It also didn't stay very long (I am used to wearing super matte lipsticks that stay for hours), I had to reapply every 3 hours or so.
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3.7Overall Score
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  • Oooh the colors look fab! I need to find Creme.

    • Thank you!! Creme is such a pretty nude – would be awesome with a really deep smokey eye!

  • msiheartbooks

    May I know what is your skin tone (like foundation shade i.e. MAC NC35)? All the lipstick shades look great on you IMHO. Btw, I just stumbled upon this blog but your layout looks like nothing I’ve come across before! I really like it, I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen of many beauty/lifestyle blogs out there. Did you do the blog layout & design by yourself? Really happy I found your blog!

    • Hey, thanks sooo much for the comment!

      I don’t use MAC foundations, so I’m not 100% sure. I would say something in betwen NC35 and NC37. I use NARS Sheer Glow in Barcelona, if that helps!

      As for the blog, I did some customizing (CSC and some coding), but it was originally created by a designer. I don’t remember what it’s called, but I use Themeforest. They have a lot of awesome layouts to choose from! My affiliate link -> (

      Hope that helps and thanks a for the compliments! Hope to see more of your comments around here!! :)

  • love_lip_smile

    The colour is just “Hot”, not “Hot Passion”. :) (The “Passion” bit is the French name for it.)

  • Tanya

    I really love the nude.

  • susanr48

    This is a great site. I love the Bombshell. Such a true pink! Both the Eternal and the Ravish look great on you, as well. This post will be really helpful to me. Thank you so much.