Last week, the ever popular COLOR ME RAD 5K  finally made its way to Toronto! The sold-out event spanned the weekend of June 22, 2013 at Downsview Park and thousands of people participated. A portion of the profit was donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto.


The Start line –  (almost) everyone’s so fresh and so clean clean!

The “race” map is below. I put race in quotations because it was honestly just such a FUN run. I would highly recommend this to anybody. You do not have to be super fit to do it. My sister, who doesn’t really do anything active, did it with us and she had lots of fun! We alternated jogging/walking to get her through the 5k.


Basically, every kilometre, there’s a colour station where volunteers throw colour bombs at you!

Here we are at one of the colour stations:

It started raining HARD halfway through our run, but honestly it made it even more fun. We were soaking wet and everyone was motivating each other and having fun. It was such a good vibe!!


The rain stopped and we came across this tree (if you follow my blog/know me IRL, you probably already know I have a thing for big trees. They get me super excited for some reason). Anyway, here I am posing with a tree LOL


My sister & I taking  a break… Ok, fine we just wanted to take some “lying down” pictures.


And the finish line! I don’t think the lady that was trying to take our jumping photo was actually familiar with the concept because right after she took this, she said, “Oh I got it!!!!!” Lol thanks anyway, nice lady!


The progression of my shoes! First colour station, halfway + the end. I rinsed them with water and they’re back to normal now – actually even cleaner than when I started.


Obligatory poses with the truck!



When we finished our run, we “found” a box and decided to have our own colour party with some other runners. We all definitely had a runner’s high lol


“All pink errthang!”

I can’t wait until it comes back next year! It was such a fun time and the weather didn’t ruin it at all. There was a super fun vibe all around and everyone was super friendly and happy! Other Canadian cities they’re visiting: Quebec, Alberta, Vancouver, etc! Check out the Race Map and sign up! I promise you won’t regret it.

Were you one of the other thousands who were there? Tell me about your experience (was it as awesome as ours?!) Or if you know of any other fun runs like this, let me know! 

Disclosure: For the curious: I found out about Color Me Rad through Facebook. I was not compensated for this post or am I affiliated with Color Me Rad. I know it sounds like I was paid or something (and it would not have made a difference if I had), but I honestly just had a great time and had to blog about it!

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  • The colour is cornstarch-based, so it should wash off unless you’re wearing white. I just tossed my white shirt out while my sister washed and kept hers (it has a pretty cool tie-dye/ombre coloured effect now).

    It depends on the fabric of your shoe! If you rinse your Nike Free Runs right after with a high-pressured hose, it should take the colour right off (since Free Runs have a more fabric material). This is exactly what I did (my shoes are Nike LunarLites.) Kris’ shoe, on the other hand, had more plastic material and the colour stayed on them even after I rinsed it.

    My shorts are back to normal after just one time in the wash, but my sports bra is still outlined in pink (3 times I’ve washed it now!!)

  • I love that so many people I know took part in Color me Rad! I wanna do it againnnn! It was such a fun experience :D Even with my sunglasses on, I still got cornstarch thrown in my eye. Wasn’t pleasant but I kept on running like a manwoman. lol.

    I’m sure if it rained in San Diego, it wouldn’t phase me either. Glad you all had a great time as well! Good vibes everywhere <3


    • OMG I know! It’s like we all ran together even though we’re so far! I got cornstarch in my eye and in my mouth! But yes, it was a great vibe!

      Thanks for commenting, girl!!

  • Szilvia Paradi

    Looks SO much fun! I’m really sad I missed it :( Will do for sure if it comes back though!!

    • OMG your comment comes at the perfect time! They just announced they’re coming back to Toronto! Here’s the link to sign up – I think the earlier you sign up, the cheaper it will be. Have lots of fun!!!

  • seham

    would love to but away from that day :(