As I type this, I realize I haven’t done a perfume review or post on this blog… ever. But that’s how big of an impression this product has made on me… I must tell everyone about it!

 It’s so hard for me to add a new smell to my collection because I’m so particular about the types of smells I like. I normally reach for sweet fragrances and also enjoy citrus notes. There’s a handful of perfumes I really love and find it hard to try new ones I will consistently enjoy.

Let me be honest here… “Beach-themed” fragrances don’t normally interest me because frankly, most of them just smell like sun tan lotion. That is, until I smelled CLEAN Ultimate Beach Day.

Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Italian Bergamot, Lemon, Kaffir Lime
Middle Notes: White Rose, Tuberose, Neroli, Jasmine, Angelica, African Orange Flower, Lavender, Sea Notes
Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Sand

I was invited to a spring media preview and I nearly squealed when I saw this included in the swag bag. (It was my favourite thing I tried there.) This is my introduction to CLEAN fragrances and I am very impressed. They’re inspired by a simple concept: to make the most of every moment and to fill each day with life’s perfect pleasures. I am thoroughly impressed by their ability to truly capture this simple pleasure in life.

It really does capture the perfect day on the beach. Yes, there is that distinct “sun tan” scent, but it’s subtle. It’s so refreshing and light! Honestly, this smell puts a smile on my face, it’s that good. Highly recommend checking this out if you are looking for a new summer signature scent.

It is limited edition, so be sure to grab a bottle before it’s gone! Available at Sephora.

Disclosure: Receievd a PR sample, but that doesn’t change what I think about this product. Sharing because I am seriously obsessed and I thought you might like it, too!

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