I headed down to School Bakery & Cafe in the Liberty Village a few weeks ago with Jackie (left) for the first ever #CheeseSchool event organized by Schoolville, Reggie & Jo. If you know me, you must know I am a huge cheese lover & usually jump at any chance to spend some time with Cheese and other folks who love it, too! It was also my first visit into School and I was pretty excited as I’ve always wanted to check it out, but never really had the chance to.


Some shots of the interior:

IMG_0359 IMG_0352 IMG_0344 IMG_0343 IMG_0315

The Menu:

IMG_0374 Featured Cheese Platter: Le 1608, Applewood Cheese, Merlot Cured Asiago & 3 yr. Old Reserved Canadian Gouda

(All Cheeses were provided by The Village CheeseMonger – so delicious!)

IMG_0387 IMG_0383 IMG_0380 IMG_0378

It was pretty tough trying to find a favourite as they were all so good!! But if I had to choose, it was have to be very close between the Smoked Applewood or the Le 1608 (served with honey).

IMG_0395 Soup: Ultimate French Onion Soup with Gruyere &  Truffles Pecorino

I was already pretty full at this point from all the cheese and bread, but was glad to see that the French Onion soup was fairly light – the intensity of the cheeses they used were just perfect and the broth was very tasty and not salty (which is usually the case for me in French Onion soups.)

IMG_0399 IMG_0414

IMG_0422 Main: Bacon Brie & Chive Crepe with Lemon-Pepper Baby Greens

As I expected, this crepe was fantastic. Although I found the bacon a tad too salty, the salad provided a nice cool balance. It was definitely one of those times when I wished I wasn’t so full because I just wanted to keep eating!


Dessert: Mango Ginger Stilton with Apple Crackers

To be honest, I was stuffed at this point. I had only a bite of the Mango Ginger Stilton with the Apple cracker (I loved that they used fresh apples! I thought they’d be using some sort of apple-flavoured cracker but I was glad to see they didn’t! Fruit + Cheese = Love). Anyway, I thought it was a great, light dessert. The stilton didn’t taste the way I imagined (and maybe that was because of the mango in it) but it was still quite good.

Thanks to Madeleine for baking some cupcakes for us that night (we have 2 birthdays in the group), they were so yummy!

IMG_0431 IMG_0433 IMG_0486 IMG_0476 IMG_0474

We received a Report Card towards the end of the night.

IMG_0484 Overall, it was a great night. I love going out and supporting the Toronto Twitter community & I especially love the angle that School has taken when it comes to “private parties”. Look out for them, folks! They’re coming up with some big things in the near future!

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