Awwww shit!!!! I have been waiting for this for months! The Call of Duty games are the only games I’ve ever done a midnight release for and I’ve gone to them all since Modern Warfare 2. It’s just after 10 a.m. right now and I just wanted to document my first impression on the game.

When it was still in development, I wasn’t sure if I would like it because it was a “futuristic” Call of Duty. But then I remembered that Treyarch was behind it and they are AMAZING. Then the trailers started to come out and against all of my control, I already started fangirling even before it came out.

Okay fast forward to last night. Midnight release. Me squeeling and taking pics with the game in the BestBuy parking lot. Then HOME. I hate Team Deathmatch so in order to learn the maps, I play Kill Confirmed and Domination.

First impression (all from Multiplayer) PROS:

  • Gunplay is very different. The guns and explosives feel a bit dulled out (not sure how else to explain this) and I think it’s because of the technology used in the game (it IS the future after all).
  • Sub-machine guns no longer have a greater advantage (I felt like they were superior to other guns on MW3)
  • Sniper rifles and shotguns feel much better! For the first time, I’ve actually been sniping and I haven’t been terrible (usually I am because I tend to rush/run n gun)
  • Game modes are AWESOME – the ability to get matched with people in your skill ability is something I always thought COD was lacking, so I’m glad to see we can do that now
  • The way you choose your guns, attachments, perks, etc is more user-friendly and very visual so it’s easier to choose what you want.
  • The voice that tells you when you are losing/winning is HILARIOUS and reminds me of the same announcer that does “AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD” lol (Anyone else feel that way??)
  • The best part? THE MAPS! They are the perfect size, great balance for snipers and rushers, and honestly they are just so damn cool. Early faves include Hijacked, Express and
  • My only “Con” about it: I love video game scores so I was excited to listen to this one. Unfortunately it didn’t wow me. Maybe I will change my mind when I try the single player mode? (FYI my fave COD score is Modern Warfare 2 and I think it might be because it was by Hans Zimmer ;))
Excited to try Zombies later tonight and the other game modes!!  What’d you think? Did you pick up this game? Are you going to? Are you taking a day off to play it? 


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