Earlier today, I hit up Boom Breakfast with some of Toronto’s “Bloggy Babes” as Val, who organized the brunch, refers to. And I think we all kind of love it.


It was so nice to be able to just sit down with a bunch of girls and just chat. No strings attached, nothing too fancy… almost like we were just a group of old girlfriends getting together. That is, until our food came and everyone busted out their cameras ;) Bloggy Babes indeed.


It was my first time at Boom and I loved it! I got the Benny Boom, which is a smoked salmon benny – my fave. Great flavours and perfect portions. And for the first time ever at a breakfast place, I actually ate (and liked) the taters. No, seriously… these fries are somethin’ else. When you visit, you have to try these fries.


And one more with a  close-up of the goods. Perfect meal, great service and atmosphere – such a nice brunch place! Now if they would only open up a location in Mississauga, I can totally have a new office :) (FYI they have 4 locations in Toronto & Vaughn so go check ’em out.)


Creep us all on Twitter —-> AnumGloriaJudy, Amy, Elaine, Val, Nataleigh, Me, Crystal & Ashley; (Missing Alyssa) Till next time, ladies!

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  • SO wish I could’ve made it! Next time :)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Awww love this! And your dish looked AMAZING!

    • It was! I got so hungry when I was putting this together hehe. So nice to meet you, Elaine!