I know the big trend right now is all about super matte lips a la Kylie Jenner, but in the summer time, especially for an “everyday” look, all I usually need is a lip balm. These Benefit Hydrating Lip Balms have become a summer staple and all-time fave.


They come in 4 subtle shades: Bene balm, Posie balm, Cha Cha balm & Lolli balm


They’re lip balmsfirst and foremost – so they’re super hydrating. Colour pay-off is exactly what I expect from a balm.


I have no idea why, or if it’s just me – but Posie and Lolli end up looking sooo similar on my lips.


Even on my arm, Posie & Lolli look really similar. Benebalm is the most visible on the lips and is the one I use the most. (I have gone through two tubes in the last year.)

And here’s how they look on my lips! I use Benebalm the most, but Cha Cha balm actually gives me the most natural and feminine tint.


Where to buy: Sephora

Price: $23 CAD

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Benefit Lip Balms
Overall, I really like these lip balms. They're hydrating and I love how subtle the shades are on my lips - so perfect for summer! One thing that holds me back from giving them a higher score is the price - there are far cheaper lip balms out there! But I look at it as a two in one (lip balm + a tint) and I always have one in my purse!
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