I did it!

In celebration of B+AB’s upcoming 1-month anniversary (tomorrow!), we can now connect via Facebook :) My personal Facebook account is mostly to keep in touch and share photos with my family, so I thought it was appropriate that B+AB has its own page!

Here, I’ll be able to share new posts, giveaways + conversations with you!

I’ll be honest with you… I’m a little nervous about this. I’ve never had an FB page for my blog before, so this is uncharted territory for me. (Any tips for me, you veteran Bloggers-on-FB?) Nonetheless I’m just going to keep doing my thing and hope people like what I’ve got. And here is where your feedback is really important, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

I’ll keep this short and sweet – thank you so much for your support! It’s only been (almost) a month and B+AB has received so much positive feedback and love already. I can’t wait to continue to grow and share bits and pieces of the beautiful life we all live in with ya!

Without further ado… B+AB on Facebook!



Short URL for sharing: http://bit.ly/WR8w09

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