So, a few weeks ago, I went down to Pacific Mall with my friends. I forgot my camera, but luckily my boy bff  had his with him so I snatched a few photos! Sweet!

The funny thing about me whenever I come here is that I always plan on buying something, but I don’t end up buying anything except food. I LOOOVE the food here and could literally spend a whole day just walking around and eating (actually, I do this everytime I’m there). Anyway, I wanted to try Beard Papa’s! If you’re unfamiliar, Beard Papa’s is a cream puff bakery and has been crazy popular in Japan since 1999, when they opened the first Beard Papa’s store in Osaka. There are now hundreds of locations worldwide and the location in Pacific Mall is the only one in Ontario (… so far! Who wants to help me open up a franchise? =P).

100_1413 I opted for a half dozen of the regular puffs & an assorted “mini-puff” cup (came with 6 mini-puffs & the featured flavours on this day were mango & green tea!) I don’t actually remember how much I paid  but I think the individual puffs run anywhere from $1.50-$2.00 CDN. They also have eclairs, which is the regular puff but with melted chocolate on top (totally getting that next time!).

f-bp This is how the box looked like. Everything is made in-store and they’re made FRESH (<– this is bolded for a reason). They have the regular vanilla cream filling and also featured flavours that vary depending on what day you visit. The profiteroles are filled with the fresh cream filling as you order and let me tell you… WOWZA.

100_1415 As you can see, one puff was gigantic! The location was quite small (as I expected) and it’s an open “kitchen” so you can see the employees making the cream fillings and filling up the “puffs”.

100_1417 The ingredients are all fresh and there’s no preservatives used! They’re baked, not fried and will cost you 220 calories per puff. The challenge is then… only eating one puff, haha.

Also, it’s located in the 2nd floor “food court” area – just keep walking when you get on top of the escalators! Let me know if you’ve tried these or if there are any other notable ‘cream puff’ restos I should try :)

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