IMG_2675While I was away at Sauble last week, we tried really hard not to eat out. I was looking forward to cooking all our meals, because I really miss cooking (I don’t have too much time to do it lately, unfortunately!), but on our last day there, we decided to hit up Beach Burger (just a block away from the infamous “Welcome to Sauble Beach” sign) because we had packed everything in the cars already, haha.

This is how it looks like from the outside, nothing too special. We almost walked right by and went into Subway… so glad we didn’t!


It wasn’t busy when we got there, but after we ordered, it got pretty packed. There were only 2 people working and I got nervous because I didn’t want our meals to take forever! But these 2 ladies held it down and got our order ready in a jiff :)


The “Beach Burger” is their specialty and I was so tempted to get it because of the grilled pineapple, but I opted for the “Son of a Beach” burger. I couldn’t say no to the fried jalapeno rings! Love me some spice.


It’s a pretty small place and it’s an open kitchen, so it was nice to see them get our orders ready.


They put your choice of toppings and condiments right in front of you (similar to Harvey’s!). Pictures below is The Bf’s double cheeseburger with bacon.


Here’s our finished order! We got a combo and upgraded to a poutine + a separate burger and the total come up to less than 18$! The poutine was pretty good, they could have put a bit more cheese in but that may be because I like my poutines overflowing with cheese :) The fries were nice and crispy while the gravy wasn’t too salty.



Below is The Bf’s Double Cheeseburger with bacon (this combo (with fries & a drink) only cost $10.99! Great price for such a “tourist” area). I didn’t get to taste it, but he says it was super juicy and all around amazing.


My Son of a Beach burger with salsa, fried jalapeno rings, mozzarella & a smokey chipotle mayo.


One of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time. It was juicy, flavourful and the fried jalapenos gave it such a great kick while the mozzarella was the perfect cheese (cheddar would have been too overpowering). I was thoroughly impressed with this! Wish I had 2 stomachs, I wanted to eat another one… haha.


If you guys are ever in the Sauble area, make sure to check this joint out! They have outdoor seating as well, perfect for after being on the beach; I imagine they get super busy in the summer… Have any of you guys been here before? Or have you tried the other little restaurants and cafes around there? They all looked so awesome! Thinking of trying a bunch of them next time I’m in the area.

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