I am SO excited to share this recipe on the blog! This was my third attempt at protein pancakes (you can see my first attempt in this blog postand trust me when I say… there is no better feeling in the kitchen when you perfect a recipe. I made it another 2 times after (just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke) and now I think it’s ready for the blog :)

This made a PERFECT breakfast – both freshly prepared or if you freeze them and pop them in the toaster.

Note that you will need a blender of some sort. This is the one I use (affiliate link.)

For the pancakes, you will need (makes 6-8 small pancakes):

P3010822 1 ripe banana / half scoop vanilla protein powder / half cup oats (overflow the cup) / 2 large eggs

Make your batter (basically just add the ingredients one by one in your blender):

bana And now you’ve got your batter! Easy, right?

P3010839 Make sure your pan is at medium-high and start cookin’ your pancakes! Note that these pancakes should be smaller than your average diner pancakes. You can add coconut oil or spray a non-stick oil if you’d like. Like regular pancakes, flip them over when the bubbles start to form! These 2 are a little burnt because I took too long to flip them – was busy taking pictures.

For the almond chocolate protein sauce:


vanilla protein powder / chocolate almond milk / almond butter (I’m not giving you measurements because it really depends on how nutty or chocolatey you want your sauce to be.)


 For me, I used 2 and a half teaspoons of almond butter in a shallow bowl and then I poured the chocolate almond milk to cover about half of it. Then you want to microwave it for a minute and a half and when it comes out, it will be VERY hot so be careful. You want to mix this until smooth – I used a fork – it will feel like it’s not “melting” together at first, but if you keep at it, you will get it right. Then, add your protein powder to thicken it – that way it’s more “saucy”.


Pour your sauce over the pancakes + cut up the rest of your banana! I know you will LOVE them – tastes just like banana Nutella pancakes!


It fell apart when I tried to eat it because I stacked them too high! Note that these are GREAT to freeze – just pop them in the toaster to warm them up in the morning ! Let me know if you make this recipe and what you think :)


Edit: You can definitely enjoy these pancakes without the chocolate sauce! Tip: for fluffier pancakes, just make sure you blend your egg whites + egg yolks for a longer time!

proteinpancakes With bananas + strawberries and topped with a small drizzle of maple syrup.


With strawberries, banana and extra crunchy almond butter in the sauce. Yum!


How To Make it Like a Crepe cake: Omit the protein powder in your mixture + add the whole banana. For the sauce, use the same method listed above with milk + almond butter + protein powder and layer it in between each pancake. Make your sauce a little more runny than solid. Serve warm!

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  • This. Looks. Delicious! And since I’m on a no-wheat diet, this makes me happy! Where do you buy the protein powder? I’ll definitely try this out sometime..I just hope it turns out well because I always fail with regular pancakes. Ugh, lol.


    • You can buy it pretty much anywhere! It’s the same stuff I use post-workouts. Check any health stores, or even Wal-Mart!

  • These look SO good and I’m so glad you decided to share the recipe. I’ve been looking for a good blender to buy and I am definitely bookmarking this pancake recipe. Yum!!

    • Let me know what you think when you try ’em! I am OBSESSED – had these 3 times last week! lol

  • Yum…look good i just ate my break fast and now i am hungry again :D Btw which editng tool did you use love your bubble words

    • Thanks Cammi! You must try them – they are super moist and fluffy!!
      I just use Photoshop – put a “stoke” on the words!

  • myafrofashion

    Hmm… looks really delicious! Protein pancakes are becoming very popular.

  • Wow girl…that looks fantastic and pretty easy to make. Will be trying it out! You always have the best recipes! xx