Earlier this summer, I was invited to the first ever Canada Philippines Fashion Week (CPFW) in Toronto. If you didn’t already know, I am Filipino (born and raised in Pampanga). (I always get sooo so so excited when I meet other Kapampangan’s – I can speak it fluently even though I can’t do the same for Tagalog. If you’re Kapampangan, paksabiyan muku king keni! (I know I butchered that spelling lol)

I was honoured to be invited and to support the Filipino-Canadian community. I don’t keep up with much news from back home and I don’t really know much about the current pop culture there, but there’s one thing I do know. Filipinos LOVE fashion and many Filipino designers are killin’ it lately!

What is CPFW? As per the website, “Canada Philippine Fashion Week is a dazzling week of Filipino fashion, culture, entertainment, and philanthropy. All in support of the Kol Hope Foundation for Children.” (Couldn’t have said it better myself.)

It was a week-long event and it went all over the city of Toronto – the Lexus Showroom, TIFF Bell Lightbox, C Lounge, Max’s of Manila Restaurant, and the big gala night was held at Roy Thompson Hall.

Sadly, I couldn’t attend the events leading up to the gala night (whomp whomp), but I was there backstage during the show, met many talented Filipinos and of course enjoyed watching the fashion show!


One of my favourite silhouettes, by designer Kim Gan

I didn’t take many photos of the designs, but Ramp1885 has a great post to showcase them, so check it out.

Here are some of my fave designs, taken backstage.


One of the dresses for the Pistahan de Coutoure (my favourite segment), by Kenneth Barlis


I fell in love with these dresses by Francis Libiran (above photo and the next 3).

He was my favourite designer from the show and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with for next year.




A quick Vine of the “Evolution of the Terno” dance performance


Colourful dresses from the first part of the show


I’m wearing: black dress from Zara + striped blazer from H&M. Shoes by Aldo + purse by Nella Bella.

Post-show with Christine Lu, Fashion Editor for urbanebloc.com and Alexis Coronado of alexiscoronado.com 

Why I Can’t Wait For Next Year 

  • The inaugural gala set the bar very high. Not that I’m a fashion expert, but I really enjoyed the designs. They presented the audience with a variety of outfits inspired by the Philippines while remaining high couture. 
  • To see what parts of our country’s culture they highlight. The Philippine culture is saturated with vibrancy, over-the-top glam, humour and natural beauty. This year, they had dance performances inspired by the “Terno” (the butterfly sleeve) and they had outfits inspired by Pistahan (aka “Fiesta”). I can’t wait to feel like I’m back home again when watching the show.
  • I am going to clear my schedule and try to attend every single event. I am a little disappointed I didn’t get to attend the meet and greets as I would have loved to talk to the designers about their inspirations.

So, what do you think about these designs? Would you attend next year? And if you were there, what was your favourite part of the show?

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  • nikky charlene

    I never heard anything about Canada Philippines Fashion Week. I wish I had though, it would have been great to attend. Thanks for sharing. The dresses are absolutely gorgeous! :)

    • Thanks for checking it out! Next year, I’ll be sure to do a post about it beforehand so more people can get tickets :) Or you can follow them on Facebook, they will promote it for sure!