My bff is a dental hygienist. It’s become second nature to her to just care about teeth and overall oral health. But me? Ehhh… I’m a little more passive about it. Sure, I’ve had problems with my teeth when I was younger, but now I don’t worry too much. I go for regular cleanings and as long as my teeth are still white (and not yellow), then I’m okay.

But I will say that the one thing that motivates me to keep my oral health in check is expensive dental bills – DO. NOT. WANT.

So I was pretty pleased when Crest + Oral B contacted me to see if I would participate in the Oral Health Month Challenge. A month where I actually take time to take care of my teeth? Sure, why not! And with a brand that I already use? Double yes!

Here’s what the “Challenge” entails:

  • Use the Crest Pro Health + Oral B products sent to me in place of the usual products I use.
  • Use them daily (Don’t laugh! There are days when I am just too lazy to brush my teeth and I hate flossing! I swear I’m still a little girl when it comes to taking care of my teeth)
  • Go for an assessment with my dentist before and after Oral Health Month to see if the products I used made a difference at all. (Love this! I went for my first assessment yesterday and my dentist was really cool about it.)

The Products:


(here’s a nifty page that lists them all with details)

Thank you, Crest Canada + Oral-B!

You can take the pledge RIGHT HERE, with a simple click! 

Crest is donating $1 for every user who accepts the challenge to this great charity called Dress For Success. Dress for Success provides Canadian women in need with resources that will help them return to the workforce and stay employed.

I’m super excited to try out the electric toothbrush with Smart Guide (it’s supposed to help you”maximize brushing performance” – I’ve yet to figure out what this means) and it’s got 5 modes: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, Massage, Deep Clean – I’ve never had a fancy shmancy tooth brush like this, so this will be interesting.

Am I alone in being so passive about my oral health?! When I tell people I don’t floss everyday, I feel like they look at me like a Martian. Or maybe my friends are just super into oral health and the rest of you are just as lazy as I am? Either way, I’m excited! Also, I’m thinking of doing a video-blog at the end of the 4 weeks so I can do a more comprehensive review of the products and talk about the experience in general. Let me know if you think that would be better than doing a super long blog post?

(Disclosure: Crest Canada sponsored me with the products needed for the challenge.)

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